Filmmaker Boots Riley Talks How Hip-Hop Helped Him Create “Sorry To Bother You"

Boots Riley talks about Hip-Hop roots how it helped him to write and dire the acclaimed movie "Sorry To Bother You."

(AllHipHop Features) Boots Riley has made us all proud. See, Boots is the front man for the seminal socio-political rap crew The Coup. However, the former film student has transferred his Hip-Hop sensibilities to a major cinematic debut called “Sorry To Bother You.” Boots wrote and directed the film, which has been a success already based on critical acclaim. The movie, which hits July 6th, examines the complex intersection of race, the working class, the wealthy, capitalism, art and magical realist fantasy. And it all falls under the guise of a struggling telemarketer that masters the use of his “white voice.”

The film is a standout in the crowded blockbuster season, as it is a wholly original work in its approach. Fearless and daring, “Sorry To Bother You” prods and agitates just as The Coupe did musically. “I found that a very effective way (to create) was for me to bend reality at points that not only made the point but highlighted our reality outside of the point,” Boots said in our exclusive interview. Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur chats with the uncompromising creative on the connection with The Coupe and filmmaking, and how his brain works. He also revealed the last time he had to use his “white voice.”

RIP Pam The Funkstress, the DJ for The Coup.

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