Find Out Why Rihanna & More Rep For Kerin Rose

Yesterday, I got a chance to check out Kerin Rose's new A-Morir eyewear collection with buyer, Jamila. The appointment took place in Kerin's eccentric Manhattan apartment, where she currently creates her edgy sunglasses by hand. As we featured in this previouspost, Kerin Rose has quickly become a must-have for the hottest ladies in the game, like Rihanna, Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and more, in just under two years. Her latest collection is definitely more out there than what we've seen so far, with big jewels, lots of rhinestones and various frame shapes. Kerin is taking eyewear to another level — these are the sunglasses you'll even want to wear at night. Check out highlights below, and expect most of these to drop on very soon! Jamila's pictured rocking a pair of spiked-out shades, that can also double as a headband — see below as Kerin herself demonstrates: I tried on of the more subtle pairs in the collection — aviators lined with rhinestones. One of Kerin's sunglass stations, littered with sparkles, jewels and other sunglass accessories.  Kerin's "intern" rockes a pair of dope rhinestone-encrusted aviators. Your thoughts? Get more Kerin Rose shades, like the studded pair that Rihanna can't seem to get enough of, by clicking HERE.