FIRST CRACK: Criminology 2

AllHipHop Staff

Here we go again. Remember the last sip of hot chocolate and how it taste so much better than what came before it? Remember the first time you bussed? No matter how many times you get off afterward, nothing really compares to the first.So here we have the first salvo from Cuban Linx 2, not so imaginatively named "Criminology 2." One of the top 10 albums of all time, no matter what region or what preference you have in Hip-Hop, the purple tape is all but unassailable.To Raekwon the Chef, masterpiece maker on extended hiatus, comes the unenviable task of reproducing the recipe that gave us the great work. "Criminolgy," with the off-balance keys, the wobbly drum pattern formation, and the Scarface sample was one of the hardest singles every released, and one of the key pace setting tracks on OB4CL. Partner-in-Rhyme Ghostface Killah had come into his own riding shotgun and this was his moment of arrival. His hard spitting intro loaded the bases for Raekwon to bring the track home.On this joint the order is reversed. Similar to the "Can it Be (Rmx)" They've preserved the spirit of the original by flipping the same sample in different parts, but taken the song stylistically in a different direction. While the results are up to discussioin, in my opinion it doesn't capture the same sense of urgency as the original. However these two are reunited and it sounds so good that if you hadn't heard the original, you'd probably be ape s**t.No more from me, I think it's fire, just not as good as the first nut. Criminology 2. Politic Ditto. Vote below. Peace

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