FIRST CRACK: Stat Quo-The Bailout


Times are hard on the boulevard. Rappers getting dropped from labels. Labels going bankrupt and folding. Rappers getting their chains snatched. The world is just not economically safe for rappers.And what about you, the consumer? All the heavy hitters dropped early. Other heavy hitters getting pushed to next year. Fourth quarter drought of hot music. What is a Hip-Hopper to do?Luckily your man Stat Quo has come through with some fire for your end of year drought. The Bailout is chock full of heat for those cold winter nights and beats that will keep your speaker working overtime. Aftermath ain't work out, but Stat ain't waiting on Dre for deliverance like AIG, he's going for his to keep that name hot. He's rapping over both new beats, and over familiar joints to keep you interested and off balance.For the rest of the world it comes out tomorrow but for my peoples I got you that first crack. Let's get it in. The Bailout. Stat Quo. Holla.The BailoutCLICK HERE TO READ STAT QUO'S ALLHIPHOP INTERVIEW