Flashback: Bob Marley

Robert Nesta Marley was a man whose impact on the world of music and beyond remains timeless. As the creator of some of the most powerful masterpieces, the mold was broken when they made Bob Marley. None came before, and none shall follow. His legacy lives on not only through his countless releases, but through his children. As February celebrates the birth of Bob Marley, AllHipHop.com had the opportunity to speak with his son Ky-Mani who recounts a fond childhood memory. As a man who fathered a revolution in music, here we learn about Bob...the dad:My dad passed away when I was five-years-old, so I do have a memory. My mom used to tell me and my older brother used to tell me too, that my dad used to pick me up and bring me to Kingston. I do have one memory that stays with me, and that’s when we would go into the country. [Bob] came and picked me and my mom up. Stephen was in the vehicle and Ziggy. He was driving a Land Rover. We went out to the country, and I remember going out to the woods with one of his sling shots. I remember losing the sling shot and Stephen saying to me, “You're going to get in trouble from daddy for losing the sling shot!” I’m like, “But I didn’t lose the slingshot.” He was like, “Yeah...you lost the slingshot.” I remember, just as clear as day - and for some reason this memory stays with me. I walked up to Bob, he was standing in the middle of the door way. I said to him, “Daddy me lose you slingshot.” He just started laughing! Then I realized I wasn’t in trouble. So I just walked away. - Ky-Mani Marley