Flo Rida On the Importance of Staying Healthy: "Your Body is Your Vehicle"

Being raised in Miami, Florida - reportedly one the most healthy cities in the America - Flo Rida grew up in an environment where staying fit was the thing to do. By eating healthy and working out at least three to four times a week, Flo Rida knows that he will be able to sustain the energy needed on stage to rock the crowd throughout his rigorous tour schedule. AllHipHop.com recently spoke with Flo about his attitude towards health and how he keeps up his healthy physique:

AllHipHop.com: Can you talk about your work ethic with respect to staying healthy? Hip-Hop has made some recent strides towards staying healthier, and we were just wondering how you remain fit.

Flo Rida: I mean, you know, prior to me having success, I always went to the gym and things like that just as a hobby. But then, as I got farther into music with the record deal and everything, and with all the shows I do, I just felt like me having the means to be able to pay for a trainer, I just take my trainer on the road with me.

A lot of times, I'm on the stage for over an hour, and as an artist, it really takes a toll on you if you don't eat right and you don't really work on your whole cardio, so it's something that's very serious to me. To have some longevity in this, you definitely have to take care of you body, which is your vehicle. If you don't take care of your vehicle, you can't get to your destination, so I'm really up on that.

Take a look at Flo Rida's work out routine below, and maybe you'll pick up a few tips! As always, be safe when working out, and make sure you have fun!