Floe Almighty (Mixtape)

Artist: Edgar Allen FloeTitle: Floe Almighty (Mixtape)Rating: 3 StarsReviewed by: Starrene Rhett

Edgar Allen Floe has returned, swinging his lyrical sword of “justus". Although he hasn’t dropped an official LP yet, he garnered solid footing on his space in the Hip-Hop universe with his EP, True Links. The next installment from the Edgar Allen Floe series is the mixtape Floe Almighty (Shaman Work) and musically a good good omen as far as future Floe projects are concerned.

Hailing from North Carolina, he is a southern rapper who doesn’t go out of his way to sound like a southern rapper — catch the drift? He does him, and it shows. With most of the production done by Slicemysta, his alter ego, he also has tracks laced by fellow Justus League affiliates 9th Wonder and Khrysis.

Floe Almighty begins with “Skyward", a soulful informational about Floe’s plans to take his career to the top. “As I write this I want everybody to witness legend in the making/Serious business/Gotta keep this unique swagger, chic character/Learn a little something says the new street ambassador/Time for change.” Floe’s confidence shines — and rightfully so. He also reminds you to “throw your hand skyward” if you’re feeling him, via the hook.

The title track, is also pretty good. “Yo step right up you know what you might see/Unique technique/Take a chance/I dare ya’ll to try to bite me.” This comes from the song’s hook where he challenged would be biters and those who are afraid of listening to someone or something new. Other tracks you should check out are “Livelyhood (Remix)", "One and One", featuring Diablo Archer, and “Nightwatch", featuring Mal Demolish.

Mixtapes generally tend to be lengthy and boring, or new coasters. This one is neither. It’s simply 12 tracks of gritty, soulful Hip-Hop. Overall, Floe Almighty was good, however it would have been nice to see more guest spots (considering that it’s a mixtape) and although Floe definitely has flow, it’s obvious that he’s holding back. In other words, he’s a mic-tease. Don’t worry about it though. This is only the beginning. On a freestyle he says, “I am a newcomer, I got legends co-signing me.” Considering some of his influences, from Big Daddy Kane to Rakim, that’s pretty impressive, and so is this mixtape.