Footage Fa Dayz - Chief Rocker Busy Bee - 1999

AllHipHop Staff

Rap pioneer Chief Rocker Busy Bee is the focus of this week's footage for days, since November is officially recognized as Hip-Hop History Month.

Busy Bee, born David Parker is famous for his 1982 battle with Kool Moe Dee at Harlem World in New York City.

His career was launched in the early 1970’s, alongside pioneers like Afrika Bambaataa, Grand Master Flash & The Furious 5, Grandmaster Caz, Grandwizard Theodore and his original DJ, DJ AJ.

Busy Bee is also a pioneer of Hip-Hop film, having appeared in one of the genre’s earliest movies, 1982’s flick Wild Style.

Busy Bee also recorded two Hip-Hop albums, in addition to dropping two of rap’s earliest 12 inch singles with “School Days” in 1980 and “Making Cash Money” in 1981.

Check out this footage of Busy Bee with host Champtown in 1991, where he reveals the origins of Hip-Hop. This clip was shot at the Impact convention in 1999.

Busy Bee currently DJ's and hosts parties in the United States and abroad. He recently finished an international tour with fellow rap pioneer KRS-One.

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