Footage Fa Dayz - Chuck D. - 1998

AllHipHop Staff

Legendary rapper/activist Chuck D. of Public Enemy is the subject of this week’s Footage Fa Dayz.

The year was 1998, the place is Atlanta, Georgia. This clip was shot during the first time the now defunct-Rap Sheet magazine held their convention in the city.

A lot of people were in attendance, including The Roots, Professor Griff, DJ Cut Creator and Jermaine Dupri. But the standout during the conference, which took place over Halloween weekend was Chuck D.

This is an amazing clip, due to Chuck D.’s vision of what Hip-Hop needs to be doing and the direction it is heading. “Explore the world,” Chuck D. said of being independent.

“Public Enemy went around the world 12 years to places where rap wasn’t to put rap there for a reason, for you to ride up on that road to sell your product. Now you got countries and continents rap and Hip-Hop crazy and you can figure out ways to get your product around the world.”

The rapper implored the emerging businessmen to explore the world outside of the United States, due to the state of the record industry. Chuck D. also explained the Internet - in 1998.

“That’s why they try to keep a lot of people off the Internet…” Chuck D. said. “You got to expand and find more alternatives to radio, because radio is going to be an impossible thing to touch - unless you start jacking people. And I’m really serious.”

And 11 years later, Chuck D. remains committed to his vision of independence and a model based off of the Internet.

His record label, SlamJamz, continues to release product on the Internet, recently dropping tracks by The Wonder Twinz, Crew Grrl Order, Kasuf and the Mazz Muvement, Dirty North and others.

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