Footage Fa Dayz - Cypress Hill - 2000

AllHipHop Staff

In this week’s Footage Fa Dayz, we take you back to a cold, Winter night in downtown Detroit. Rap group Cypress Hill had sold out the legendary Saint Andrews Theater.

In this episode, Champtown caught the Los Angeles based rap group on their tour bus, shortly before they took to the stage.

This clip is of note, because it reveals the personal nature of the beef between Cypress Hill and rapper Ice Cube.

The feud between Cypress Hill and Ice Cube erupted after B-Real accused Ice Cube of stealing a hook from the demo version of their Temples of Boom (1995) album and using it on the Friday soundtrack (1995).

The group dissed Ice Cube on the track “No Rest for the Wicked,” on the final version of Temples of Boom, while Cube fired back with shots of his own on the track “King of the Hill” from West Side Connection’s controversial, debut album Bow Down (1996).

Cypress Hill took the beef up a notch with their track “Ice Cube Killa.”

Because of gang affiliations, the feud continued to grow between the crews until 1997, when a peace agreement was reached and the beef was put on hold.

Ice Cube and B-Real even recorded some tracks together after the feud, but as you can see from this clip in 2000, the subject was still a source of tension for the group.

“People warned us ‘hey don’t get to close with dude’ because of this and that,” B-Real said in 2000. “We were like hey ‘f**k you don’t talk about Cube that way, he’s our boy.’ It was kind of f**ked up cause s**t, I had been to his wedding and everything and I consider myself being his friend from being invited to his wedding. Then that s**t happened and I felt really f**king insulted. And I reacted like any other emcee would, you know, any man would. It doesn’t matter that he’s Cube. He doesn’t scare us. We got our own s**t. We’re at that status where he’s at. He couldn’t scare us off like anybody us. He couldn’t blackball us cause we been around too.”

Today, Cypress Hill is literally thousands of miles from West coast beef.

The group is over in Moscow, Russia this evening (August 26) for the first time ever, at Milk Moscow.

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