Footage Fa Dayz - Flava Flav - 1998

AllHipHop Staff

This weeks Footage Fa Dayz features none other than Hip-Hop’s most famous hype man, Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav.

In this clip, Public Enemy was taking part in Rap Sheet’s annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia, along with other rap stars like Jermaine Dupri, Luke Campbell and The Roots.

Champtown caught Flavor Flav right before he was heading to the stage to perform with Public Enemy, one of Hip-Hop’s most enduring groups.

In this classic clip, Flavor Flav talks about the very first time he ever rode on an airplane.

“The first time that I ever flew on a plane was to Detroit. We had to do a show with the beastie boys at the Fox theater. It really bugged me out to be able to go down to the river way and look across the water and see another country.”

These days, Public Enemy remains extremely active on the global Hip-Hop scene. Flav explains how he became to a part of Public Enemy.

“We started off as mobile disc jockey unit called spectrum city. My partner Chuck [D.] and Hank and Keith Shocklee had the mobile sound system,” Flavor Flav explained. “I ended up coming in the circuit because I was a musician and I had funny jokes, always mad jokes. I finally ended getting together with these guys and the next thing you know I was part of the group. The next thing I know, we ended up at a radio station at Adelphia College where Chuck and Bill Stephney was attending. I didn’t have a diploma or anything but they let me take the communications course so I could get my FM license.”

The radio show led to Chuck D. and Flavor meeting a number of popular rappers, including Run-DMC, The Fat Boys, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J and others.

Flav reveals that it was a tape named “Public Enemy #1” that led to the formation of the world’s most revolutionary group and eventually their historic union with Russell Simmons’ Def Jam imprint.

“I told Chuck a story, he said yo put that on the beginning of the tape. That’s when I said ‘I was on my way to the studio….[the intro to the group’s legendary track “Public Enemy #1].”

These days, Public Enemy is working on a new album and still exploring revolutionary ways to release their music to the masses.

PE raised over $37,000 from fans to record their new untitled album using European website

In addition to his stint on VH1 Reality shows like The Surreal Life, Strange Love, and Flavor of Love, Flavor is planning a return to reality television in 2010.

Flavor, 50, will be featured in a new reality show featuring him going back to school to pursue his high school diploma.

Public Enemy’s front man Chuck D. will be featured on the 2009 BET Hip-Hop Awards when the special airs on October 27.

Chuck D. introduces rap veteran Ice Cube, who received the Life Time Achievement Award. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsfree video player