Footage Fa Dayz - Ice Cube - 1998

AllHipHop Staff

In this vintage clip, and Footage Fa Dayz brings you veteran rapper Ice Cube.

This 5:11 clip was taken in 1998, as Ice Cube was touring the country as part of the Family Values tour.

This was the first year for the Family Values Tour, which was created by members of the Rock group Korn.

The Family Values Tour featured Limp Bizkit, Ice Cube Incubus, Orgy and Rammstein.

In October, Cube was replaced with Incubus, as the multi-talented rapper/director was just starting work on Next Friday, the sequel to his blockbuster flick Friday.

In this episode, Ice Cube was caught on the streets of Chicago at 3:00 am, shortly after wrapping up a successful concert.

"We weren’t really interested in making history, we were just putting it down," Cube said of his involvement with NWA, one of rap’s most famous and enduring groups. "NWA is like the start of all of this."

Interesting to watch Cube puff a cigar, as he explains the origins of NWA on the street.

Ice Cube also explained what happened after his split with NWA.

“I couldn’t work with Dre and he was the best producer on the West coast. I figured since I couldn’t work with the best producer on the West coast, I need to work with the best producers on the East coast. At the time Bomb Squad was the one. Me and Chuck D. are still cool to this day. Amerikkka's Most Wanted is the product and I am real proud of that album. My first album, back against the wall and it came out tight.”

Ice Cube is still making moves, as his flick Are We There Yet? has been turned into a TV series that will debut on TBS in June of 2010.

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