Footage Fa Dayz - Method Man On Columbine - 1999

AllHipHop Staff

In this week’s version of Footage Fa Dayz, Wu-Tang Clan rapper Method Man addresses claims that Hip-Hop promotes violence and women.

We take you back to May 1, 1999, in Grand Rapids Michigan. Tag team duo Redman and Method Man were acting as headliners on the “Platinum Players Tour.”

Also featured on the tour were 112, Krayzie Bone, The Beatnuts and a rising rapper named Eminem.

In this clip Method Man is heated over claims that rap music may have had something to do with the deadly Columbine High School shootings, which taken place a month earlier, on April 20, 1999. 

“How the f**k you gonna blame that s**t on rap music? I never told no f***ing body to take a gun and go to their motherf***ing high school and shoot no f***ing body,” Method Man said of the deadly shootings, which killed 13 people. “I aint never tell nobody to grab a gun take a gun and go shoot some f***ing cop in the face or any of that s**t right there,” Meth continued. “I aint never called a b***h - - f***in female - a b***h on my mother f***ing record. For the simple fact that I refuse to live as far as the sterotype…that…we are what you call it…misogynistic. We got nothing against women. We got something against certain women.”

The conversation quickly turns to humor, when Method Man breaks down his reasoning behind dealing with certain types of women.

“We want a woman that’s gonna build us up mentally as well as physically,” Method Man said. “If you are going to f**k me and take all my sperm outta me, cook me something some mother f***ing food to put all that protein back in my goddamn body.”video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsfree video player