Foxy Brown: Home Sweet Home

PEEP THE EXCLUSIVE ALLHIPHOP DIRECT NEWS VIDEOFox Boogie Brown is back home and already getting down to business. There is the Broken Silence book the freshly release from Rikers rapper is looking to drop in September along with the much delayed Black Roses album for Christmas. In the immediate future is the Brooklyn Don Diva project via Koch Records. However, according to Fox, the first place she wanted to go after being release was church, to thank God for seeing her through her debacle. Amen to that. How does it feel to finally come home?Foxy Brown: **Sighs** It’s unreal. I can’t even put it in words, it’s just a beautiful feeling. To take…[removes glasses] To have your freedom just taken away from you, I’ve been confined in prison for eight months. Whew! That nasty prison cell, it was hard. Just to be home and be around all my family and friends, it’s amazing. It feels good. You couldn’t have had a better day to come home…Foxy Brown: Oh my God. I’m like this is the perfect day. God was good to me, well He always is but today was a special day. I always tell people I never got a chance to go to my prom or to go to my graduation because I was making music so young. So today was my prom, my graduation, my wedding, everything in one. It was What do you feel you missed out on the most over the past eight month?Foxy Brown: At first I was saying eight months of my life just wasted sitting in a jail cell. For what? But I feel like divine intervention is powerful and I think God did that for a reason. I’m actually happy that that happened. Cause I got a chance to really step outside of Foxy, get in tune with Inga, and really just re-focus. Ok, this is what I need to do. I need to get my priorities straight. Ok, you’ve made mistakes, you’ve f***ed up, like, fix it. I’m the first to admit that I’m imperfect, complicated, flawed like everyone else. I’m human. So just embracing my maturation and just fostering my growth was the most important part of the whole incarceration to me. I don’t feel like I really missed out on anything other than Chanel and Christion Louboutin and Fendi and all the fly stuff but my girl Marvett [Britto] had everything waiting for me when I came home so I was good. No, I missed being on a microphone, a lot. How has the time away changed you?Foxy Brown: Well people tend to use that word, “change,” like they throw that around a lot. I just know one of my biggest flaws was being able to master my emotions and just not let people push my buttons. That’s a learning process, for me. Jail was the best example because I had C.O.s from all over; some were nice, some were nasty and I had to deal with it. My priorities are now straight. I removed a lot of people from my front row. I want genuine friends. There were friends that I’ve had for 14, 15 years that I considered best friends who I didn’t even hear from for eight months. And there are friends that I met a few years ago and they were there. This kind of opened my eyes and the rose colored glasses were off.I don’t like to talk about the change, I just like people to see it. Like, wow, Foxy is killing them right now. Ya know? When you got the bid it surprised everybody. There wasn’t one particular thing that put you there. Is there any one part of your personality that may be refined, maybe the way you deal with people moving forward?Foxy Brown: No, I think, and everybody knows that’s why I’m able to…blessed actually to…I haven’t put out a record in seven years and I still have the love of the people because with Foxy what you see is what you get, bottom line. Everybody knew that since I was a 14 year-old little girl. I don’t front. I’m not phony, I’m not fake and people know that they can get truth from me. I stand for truth. I’m getting older, I’m not a little girl anymore, that’s the bottom line. I know that I’m a beautiful person. That’s why there’s a room full of people here. That’s why there’ are hundreds of people outside. I don’t let that negativity get to me. I just know that I’ve gone through so much pain in my life, I’ve gone through a lot of heartache, I’ve gone through a lot of misery.I would be home like, Ok, I have 55 furs, 500 shoes and bag but I’m unhappy. Why? Those eight months…I’m an avid reader, so I was reading. I just finished reading The Communist Manifesto. Those are the things that I read. Mary Higgins Clarke, I’m that kind of chick. And people don’t even know that.It just helped me in mastering my emotions. Now, I’m no longer going to react. I’m going to try my best to just not react. That’s what I have a whole team of people for. It’s just not worth it. I’m a target. Constantly. You hear in the press about Naomi Campbell, Foxy Brown, oh they react this way. I think they put celebrities, they give us the sense of entitlement and they put on such a pedestal that when we do do something human, it’s the worst s**t in the world. Like, Oh my God, she what?! She f***ing bumped somebody in Dunkin Donuts! It’s the worst thing in the world it’s like…I’m f***ing human. I have the best bodyguard in the world, I have a team of dudes, so there is no reason why I should even have put my self in a situation where I was forced to react. Instead of talking about the change I’d rather people just see it. I’m sure you have hours and hours of stories to tell about what you experienced on Rikers. Can you just tell me something that might really stand out to you?Foxy Brown: There were so many. Again, tt’s just even unreal right now that…it’s what? Five o’clock and I’m not in the mess hall. Again, I didn’t become acclimated to that but that a part of my life for almost a year. That was just the harsh reality. Like, Yo, I was drinking out a little pink and white milk carton every day. Lunch was foul. It was just crazy. There’s not on particular story, it was just so many things that took place in there. I have a book coming out so I got a lot of stuff to talk about. Girl it was crazy! It was crazy! But I held my head, thank God! Where there any scary moments inside?Foxy Brown: Scary moments, wow. Whew, I think one of the scariest moments for me was when I was initially brought in and I knew that I had the hearing situation that I was dealing with, I was like, My God, incarceration in itself is a problem. But then on top it compounded the problem, that was kind of scary for me. But as far as being scared, I’ve never been one to fear anything. That’s just my nature. In court, , a year? I’m like Ok, I’m gonna flip this around to my advantage and I’m going to come home even better than before. Tell me about what we can expect on your new album.Foxy Brown: Brooklyn Don Diva! The Brooklyn Don Diva album I actually started it before the incarceration. I just told Jay-Z that I wanted to do a mixtape, and do an independent mixtape. There weren’t too many established artists that ventured out into do the independent mixtapes so I thought this may be a good idea to capitalize off of the independent market, and that’s what I did. I went to Koch and Koch has been courting me for years. Finally I said okay we’ll do it and it was a good partnership and we got together and did the records and it’s an incredible What are some of the first things you’re going to do now that your home?Foxy Brown: Oh man, first of all I need the craziest, the longest bubble bath ever. I would get in trouble and infracted in prison for taking too many showers. Like, “One shower a day Marchand!” I’m like, One shower a day, no way! So I would get in trouble and infracted for that. So now there is nobody locking me in and telling me I have two minutes in the show. So I want to just go home, take a nice bubble bath. I want to go to my church and just praise God. That He got me through. That He allowed me to see the mistakes and the faults.