Freekey Zeekey: Destination Deferred Pt. 2

AllHipHop: What

are your duties entail as the president of Diplomat Records?

Freekey Zeekey:

With Diplomat its no set duty. I can have the camera or the tape recorder. I

answer phones. I write checks, to sweeping floors. That's my duty, because this

is my business and we still up and running fabulous. Thank Dame for everything.

We don't allow people to know our position and we try not to flaunt it. Right

now my friend Degar, he can come in he can come up with an idea that will make

us millions and he'll just run it. We'll give him the paper, that's just how

we work. But everybody know the position they gotta play.

AllHipHop: Why

does everybody consider you the Eddie Kane (from the “5 Heartbeats”)

or the crazy dude out of the Dipset?

Freekey Zeekey:

I just bring the charisma. I actually come up with a lot. I help with everything.

Just because my name is not on it doesn't mean my hands was not in it. I wouldn't

be labeled the President. You don't just get labeled a President in that type

of position because you just know somebody. I also just put back a lot of business

information and I just tell Cam. I work threw Killa to get a lot of things done.

AllHipHop: How

did you and Jimmy Jones meet? I'm sure yall been friends forever.

Freekey Zeekey:

Basically it was with Jim, that's how we really tied into each other. I met

Jim in Summer School. I had to go to summer school for math in the third grade,

so I walked in there and I was just sitting by this real short lightskin dude.

We was telling people who our mothers names was and he said sally. That was

his grandmother and my mother name was sally so that was the connection. Then

he lived on the fifth floor and I lived on the fifth floor and he lived in Harlem,

you know that little third grade thing. Then how it really sparked off. This

is the truth. I wasn't gonna say it but f*ck it. This kid dropped a token on

the floor and I looked at it and Jim must of looked at it. So we went to get

the token and then we both was like damn near fighting for it almost. Then he

was like what you gonna do with it? I was like buy a pizza and we ended up splitting

it. We found a token that was a good token. And then after that I ran into Killa.

AllHipHop: So you

were with them in the Big L days and the Mase days?

Freekey Zeekey:

Yeah I was supposed to be Mase's hypeman, that's how that started. I was gonna

be Mase's hypeman because Cam is like "Yo, somebody gotta be the hypeman.

Puff took that. Puff ended up doing that. Killa was like don't worry about it.

Once I get on its on. They we rhymed for B.I.G. and then it rocked.

AllHipHop: So yall

got a lot of success. Besides Jay-Z, you dudes have the platinum formula at

Roc-A-Fella. What do you do to maintain that?

Freekey Zeekey:

We gonna stay rapping, working hard. What it is with us, we always come up with

ideas. Somebody might snap on somebody and just because of that, it leads into

a reason to get them.

AllHipHop: Do you

got a lot of businesses? I know Cam, Juelz and Jimmy got a lot of stores, marketing

companies, car services and all that.

Freekey Zeekey:

All of that is tied in with all of us but like me myself, what I'm was gonna

branch off and do its coming up soon. I was gonna start buying abandoned buildings

and housing aids patients. I'm looking into that. Its real serious. It should

be coming up soon. I got a movie coming out. Its called "Come Home With

Me." Its like a biography of all of our lives.

AllHipHop: Before

when I talked to you for a different story, we couldn't find you. Cam made it

seem like he might fire you because you were gone for so long.

Freekey Zeekey:

You doing an interview with me, right? There are certain things-I cant really

talk about, but put it this way. There's no way in the world Cam, Jimmy or Juelz

will actually really, really not know where I'm at.

AllHipHop: Did

you feel bad about missing a cover story for The Source because that was a big


Freekey Zeekey:

I felt bad as a motherf*cker, believe me. You know that actually a lot of other

people started calling me and they wanted to make Eddie Kane/Freekey Zeeky t-shirts.

A lot of marketing things came up with that. That's crazy. Actually I made a

couple dollars off of that. I made a couple thousand shirts.

AllHipHop: Any

last words on Dipset or you personally?

Freekey Zeekey:

I don't wanna say last cuz nothing ever last about Diplomats. Just stay tuned.

We about to do the damn thing. Just stay tuned and be prepared. Freekey all

day everyday.