Freeway Rick Ross' Artist Nakuu Knows How To Make It With Persistence & Teamwork


Naakuu is using all ways to succeed with the help of an American Icon and an R&B legends for parents.


Nakuu has the look and the sound to be a star in the music industry and the York, Pennsylvania native is just getting started.

By Percy Crawford (@MrLouis1ana)

With the emergence of R&B songs being harmonized over Hip-Hop beats, budding artists, Nakuu shows his range in that realm on his latest single “Give It To You,” where he opens in falsetto followed by lyrical harmonizing. The same can be heard in his song, “People Really Change.” He also shows a wide range in, “Depression,” where he attacks suicidal thoughts and the potential of the afterlife being more suitable than being on earth. Nakuu, is signed to street legend turned inspirational speaker/businessman, Freeway Rick Ross who discovered him through super manager, Haze. Although, Nakuu is a late 90’s baby, he already has 10-years in the game and with his all gas, no brakes approach, there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

I had the chance to speak with, Nakuu about the power of the internet, his music not sounding like everyone else’s and the advantages of having Freeway Rick Ross in his corner.

AllHipHop: You come from a musical background. Both of your parents were heavily involved in music. I’m sure that has helped you along the way.

Nakuu: Coming from a musical background helps me a lot because I have been around it so much. You do what you learn you know what I mean. So, growing up, my dad started the S.O.S. Band. They were originally from Atlanta. Growing up, I got used to watching them practice and see what they used to wear and things like that. They used to wear different clothes to make themselves look flashy. I remember watching them get ready for shows. Plus, my mom was singing too. She was part of the band too before she had me. She still does her thing too. Growing up in a musical family just as its own effect on me and it’s a big influence.

AllHipHop: You have had an in-home studio since the 9th grade. How does a 13-14-year-old kid acquire an in-home studio at such a young age?

Nakuu: That’s when I started taking music more seriously. It all started because I went to somebody else’s studio and I was a young bol, so when I went there, they charged me like $100. I was a young bol, so I was like, “I ain’t gonna be doing that all the time.” So, I found a way to get my own computer and somebody put the programs on my computer and I basically learned from trial and error. It took me awhile to get it done, but that’s how it really started.

AllHipHop: You really used the internet to build your brand and let your voice be heard.

Nakuu: With the internet, you can reach all types of people. I make a lot of music that’s relatable. They see my music as something for relationships and stuff like that because I’m always singing about relationship stuff. My music comes from real life experiences. I go through stuff just like a lot of people go through stuff, so I make those situations into music, so it relates to a lot of people. I guess it just happened from people spreading the word and sharing it. The internet is a powerful tool if you know how to use it right. It just all worked out in a positive way for me.

AllHipHop: The internet also provides an immediate reaction in terms of what fans like and dislike based on likes and shares and I’m sure that helps with the type of content you choose to put out based on the fans reaction.

Nakuu: Yeah! Especially because you hear what a lot of other people hear because the internet is powerful, so that has an influence on what kind of music you make as well. It all comes down to the same things.

AllHipHop: You said you make music based on personal experiences; I have to ask about your song, “Depression,” because it seems very personal. Is that something you went through or just you speaking on what a lot of people can relate to these days?

Nakuu: I have a friend that… that whole situation that happened in that song, it based on him. I basically put his life into a song. He gave me his full consent to do that, so I ran with it. I felt it was a good idea because I know a lot of people that go through depression. I even went through depression one time, so I know how it feels to be depressed. There are times when people go through certain situations in their life and it always helps to have that kind of music out to motivate them. I would go through the comments of that video and it got deep to a point where people would say, it helped them and prevented them from committing suicide. I was like, “Dang, that’s real powerful.” For them to say something like that, I’m just glad I could help.

AllHipHop: You seem to be very versatile in the sense that you’re not only a vocalist, but you also play piano and you’re mixing and things like that. How key is your versatility in terms of the direction you are heading?

Nakuu: As a musician, I want to explore a lot of different things. I want to learn more instruments, mixing, and mastering. I have been playing the piano since I was little. I learned by my ear. I didn’t really have a teacher. I still learn to this day. Every time I see a piano, I go up to it and get on it and stuff like that. I learned quick too. In the future, I want to add more musical instruments to my performances. You may see me with a band soon.

AllHipHop: Your man, Haze put you on to Freeway Rick Ross and now he’s guiding your career. What is that like for you to have him in your corner and have that backing?

Nakuu: It’s real amazing. It’s a blessing. Coming up, you never know who is real and fake in this game. People will say they can do a lot of stuff, but when it comes down to it they can’t do what they say. They don’t have the connections and stuff like that. I been through a situation where people tried to stir me in the direction they thought was good and it really was the wrong direction. So, to have somebody with me and it’s even better because he knows my people and my family knows his family. It’s more of a trust thing. It feels more right than it does wrong and that’s always a good thing.

AllHipHop: You’re a youngster, did you know of Freeway Rick Ross prior to meeting him?

Nakuu: To be honest, I heard of the “The Real” Ross, but I also heard of the rapper, Rick Ross. I was born in the late 90’s, so growing up we heard that, I think I’m Big Meech,” and stuff like that. The rapper Rick Ross was there. You never knew… a lot of people in our generation didn’t know about the real Rick Ross. That’s crazy because people gotta know where this stuff comes from. For me, I found out late, but I know now and… the real Rick Ross is not a rapper (laughing).

AllHipHop: Your latest song, “Give It To You.” I love the track, I was trying to think of who you sound like and I couldn’t come up with anyone. That’s the highest compliment these days with so much of the music pattern sounding alike. I’m sure the goal is to not blend in and set yourself apart from the pack.

Nakuu: Definitely! Growing up, you listen to a lot of artist and I know a lot of people sound the same in this generation because they are influenced by a lot of the same people. As a true artist, it’s okay to be influenced by people sound and stuff, but you got to learn to make your own out of that sound. I have been making music for a long time; 2019 is my 10th year making music. I’m molding my sound and I’m creating my own sound which is unique, so it’s good to know that people say I have my own sound. I appreciate that.

AllHipHop: Is there anything that you have coming up in the near future that you want to touch on before I let you go?

Nakuu: I got a big project coming out and we got some major producers that’s going to be on that. It’s going to come out this year. Like you said, I got this song, “Give It To You,” that is out on all platforms, so everybody go check that out. We got a lot of things coming this year. Just tell the world to get ready!