G-20 Protests, Money & Hip-Hop

AllHipHop Staff

Much of the Hip-Hop community has grumbled internally that there is a lack of positive artists in the trenches crafting more positive forms of the music. Even singing legend Gladys Knight Weighed in and chastised rap music without looking beneath the surface.

Jasiri X is a rapper that hails from Pittsburgh and he’s been one of the chief artists attempting to jar the community awake. He’s consistent dropped songs that create dialogue with block busting beats to boot.

Most recently Jasiri attended the rallies surrounding the G-20 Summit, which was held in his native city. Reports say Pittsburgh was transformed into a police state, fully equipped with riot police, to keep the protests at bay. Jasiri X is one rapper that couldn’t be stopped and with his team, he crafted the following video, “The Only Color That Matters Is Green.”