G Herbo Talks Being A "Humble Beast", Kanye West, Common, Jay Z and Even Mumble Rappers


G Herbo has emerged as one of the most complex and lyrical artists of the day. Miss Lissa chats with the humble beast.

Interview: Miss Lissa

G Herbo On Mumble Rappers: "I Could Never Fall In That Box"

(AllHipHop Features) G Herbo is back with his debut album, Humble Beast! The young rapper from Chicago has emerged on the Hip-Hop scene as one of the best artists to hit the scene. However, Herb has continually worked on his craft even without an album on the market (several projects though). And now, he’s finally ready to present his debut after years of mangling mics, impacting social media and YouTube views as well. Humble Beast is a rock solid collection of work that only adds to the legacy that the rapper has already amassed.

In this exclusive interview, the Chicago emcee talks to Miss Lissa, whose inquisitive demeanor throws a myriad of questions at Herbo. Is Chance The Rapper, his fellow emcee from Chicago, an industry plant? Who does he have a crush on? Who does he want to meet and learn from (hint: Jay-Z)? What has he taken from the Chi-Town greats like Kanye West, Twista and Common? Furthermore, he reveals the artist he met that caused him to pause at the immensity of all that he has accomplished.

Check out this insightful conversation between Miss Lissa and an artist rapidly blossoming into greatness.


Listen to Humble Beast in full.