Gangsta Boo: Broken Silence Pt. 1

As a member of

the Three Six Mafia, Gangsta Boo was part of one of the most successful independent

rap groups to emerge out of the south.

She shocked the

rap world last year when she announced that she would clean up her profanity

laced rhymes and was actually seeking out god.

In this candid

interview, Boo talks about beef, business and being independent.

You've been out of the limelight for a few minutes, what's going on? Gangsta

Boo: What everybody would be doing when they take a break from the game. Just

chilling, working out, writing, preparing myself for whatever.

AllHipHop: So what's

your label situation? Are you independent?

Gangsta Boo: Yes

basically I'm 100% independent. I'm with York Town, Jacob York, and I got a

label deal with him through my own label, which is Crazy Lady Entertainment.

We are distributing the album and we just doing it 100% independent. I did the

major and I said I'm not gonna go back. This album I definitely wanna to do

it independent, we got several proposals from labels, but I don't know. Jacob

is a good friend that helped me out with the whole Hypnotized Minds situation

so, I try to respect his work ethic.

AllHipHop: Independent

seem to be the best route for a lot of rappers money wise and control of the


Gangsta Boo: Yeah

and it's just like I never really had the opportunity. I had creative control,

don't get me wrong, with Hypnotized when I was doing both albums, but I only

to a certain extent. I just didn't feel comfortable or as

free as I do working by myself. I missed being with them in the studio, but

it was just a big difference. Like I said its all about the money, so I did

the pain. Now I'm like, listen I'm trynna to get paid. I have a family to feed.

AllHipHop: Do you

have any kids?

Gangsta Boo: No

I don't have no children. I'm single. When I say family, I mean my mom, my dad,

my brothers, I got people that depend on me to a certain extent to eat. I gotta

do what I gotta do no matter what it takes.

AllHipHop: What

happened to you doing Christian rap?

Gangsta Boo: Never

did I say I was going out to do Christian rap! What I did say was I wanna clean

up a lot of stuff because I would be embarrassed when my mama or my grandmama

would ask me to listen to a song from my CD. I actually wanted to do something

for them for a change. You aint hearing the same Gangsta Boo that you've always


AllHipHop: I really

like your last album, I think it was definitely under promoted.

Gangsta Boo: I

was definitely getting no support from Loud and Hypnotized Minds. I felt like

it was me all alone on the road. I was like 'I cant take this,' so I decided

to be like 'screw this' and I just left the road. Now that I

look, I wish I had some type of management telling me well 'Boo you can leave

the road and can still promote.' I may have done stuff different but at the

same time things happen for a reason. I really don't have no regrets at it.

AllHipHop: So

what was your main reason for leaving?

Gangsta Boo: Like

I said I felt there wasn't no love and there wasn't no support. They real quick

to say they love each other but them n*ggas aint got no money. They be out on

TV acting like they got money. I still love them

cause I grew up with them, them like my brothers. But I'm like yall still live

in the hood. Yall cant even go to the dentist. LaChat cant even pay her $800

dollar rent and she gotta little boy. n*ggas was not getting paid over

there and to say people weren't loyal? I really don't understand that but I

guess that's a cover up!