Gangsta Boo: Broken Silence Pt. 2

AllHipHop: Everybody

thought you and LaChat were enemies because people started calling her the new

Queen of Memphis.

Gangsta Boo: That

was all a conspiracy started by Hypnotized Minds. Juicy (J), me and Chat talk

on the phone quite often. We was just brainwashed. I was trynna figure out why

she was saying certain things or why were they

making her say certain things. Once me and her talked and exchanged stories,

you wouldn't believe how much these n*ggas try to start stuff between me and

her. Now she's in the same predicament I was in a long time ago. She still in

the raft with them n*ggas and I tried to tell her along time ago them n*ggas

aint gonna pay you. She said she aint received not one check off of Murder She

Smoked! Not one!

AllHipHop: Is she

still signed to them?

Gangsta Boo: Yea

she's still signed to them. She trynna break it off with them right now, but

she is still signed. I'm pretty sure she'll give you a story.

AllHipHop: She

wasn't even on the new album or nothing!

Gangsta Boo: They

took her off the album. They called me bragging about it, bragging about how

they do their artists and then called them telling them that I called him trynna

be back in the group. I'm like n*gga please! Never that! It's a wrap. I left

yall. I did that because I was a hundred percent loyal to them n*ggas but I

was traveling more, getting smart and I had certain industry friends that were

giving me advice. Not just rappers, but CEO's

giving me advice. I felt it was a decision that I had to make for myself.

AllHipHop: Now

the sound that you have with Hypnotized Minds, you know they have that sound

that nobody is doing. So what kind of sound will you be coming out with now?

Gangsta Boo: It's

still the same sound. They enhanced my sound but they didn't create it. If anything

they all sound like Project Pat to me. But aint nothing different but the beat

and I've worked with good producers that weren't rookies. They knew exactly

what I wanted.

AllHipHop: So you

work in Atlanta now?

Gangsta Boo: Yeah,

well this is where I handle most of my business. I'm just going back and forth

from here to Memphis. I usually handle most of my business in Atlanta.

AllHipHop: What

made you make that move?

Gangsta Boo: Memphis

is a great city. It's got a lot of talent in it, but it feels so closed in.

I feel kinda sorry for my hometown as far as the music scene because the way

Hypnotized got it set up. You see the way Atlanta

got it set up? Everybody is off the chain from T.I. to Youngbloodz to Killer

Mike. Paul and them have it set up and they telling the radio stations not to

play certain music. Even my new single from what I'm hearing!

AllHipHop: When

is your new album dropping?

Gangsta Boo: The

album drops October the 14th and its called The Soap Opera. The single is actually

heating up the mix shows as we speak. It's called "Sippin' and Spinnin."

It was just a single that we put out for the DJ's.

AllHipHop: What's

that about?

Gangsta Boo: "Sippin

and Spinnin" there's three verses and each verse is talking about something

different. In the first verse I'm talking about my life. In the second I'm saying

I'm still the underground queen, so its basically just a street song. Nothing

commercial. I'm trynna to be on that underground queen type of stuff. I'm not

a pop head but.........whateva

AllHipHop: So are

there any guest appearances on this album? I know you've worked with Foxxy Brown.

Gangsta Boo: Nah.

I wish all the females that are underrated could just get up on one song and

stand up like the n*ggas is doing it. There's really no guest appearances. I

did everything on the album. I think people are really going to appreciate the

time and effort I took to working on the album.

AllHipHop: So

you took a lot of time making sure this was the best thing you could make including

lyrics and stuff?

Gangsta Boo: I'm

not gonna say the best thing because I consider all my work as the best even

when I was writing poetry. I did put a lot of time in it, no question.