Gangsta Grillz: Can't Ban The Snowman (Mixtape)

Artist: DJ Drama/Young JeezyTitle: Gangsta Grillz: Can't Ban The Snowman (Mixtape)Rating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Alejandro Mojado

DJ Drama and Young Jeezy are back with Gangsta Grillz: Can’t Ban the Snowman. The Atlanta based DJ originally introduced Young Jeezy to the game with the release of Tha Streets Iz Watchin' than banged heads (pause) when the pair dropped the Trap Or Die mixtape on 'em. This time the lethal duo brings you their third collaborative effort and what Drama calls the best yet, as Jeezy hits you with 27 exclusives, tracks & freestyles with his USDA click. This Gangsta Grillz has the potential to start the hip-hop New Year off with a bang.

Can’t Ban the Snowman is like an extension of Jeezy’s hit album, Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101, so don’t expect to be dazzled by a new delivery or amazing metaphors. Jeezy keeps the same gritty formula that had necks bobbin’ from every trap in the West End to the mansions in Dunwoody. He puts critics to rest by ripping previously used tracks as only Jeezy could do. There aren’t many original beats on this mix-tape, in fact, the majority of them come from popular Jay-Z (i.e. “Imaginary Player”) and G-Unit (i.e. “Window Shopper”) tracks. But the good thing about the track selection is that the beats cater to Jeezy’s unorthodox rhyme style.

The crown jewel of the mixtape is a song called “Cadillac”, in which Drama takes an old Swishahouse beat and unscrews it. The song can best be described as “Kush Music”; it makes you just want to sit back and zone out. Slick Pulla and Bloodraw offer their lyrical skills to the mixtape as well. Although they aren’t as in your face or flamboyant as Jeezy, they still manage to hold their own.

All in all, Can’t Ban the Snowman is a solid mixtape that will provide hours of listening enjoyment. Despite his deficiencies, Jeezy maintains the rugged and raspy style that has made him number one in the hoods and traps of Atlanta to Acapulco. Nonetheless, this is nowhere near Jeezy’s or DJ Drama’s best work, but it is a great prelude of what’s to come later in ‘06 from two of ATL’s finest.