Genres of Music That Influence Today's Students


Music is also used as a study motivation because it keeps the mind alert while reading or writing.

Music is one of the incentives that influence college students in their social and school lives. They resort to music when faced with pressures that come with the complications of their study. Music is also used as a study motivation because it keeps the mind alert while reading or writing. Before sitting the exams, you may need to access some college papers for sale as study guide materials which also give you an idea of what to include in your paper. And to have a productive session, you will need to attend libraries and study rooms with your headphones on as you peruse through these study guides. Social events are said to be successful when there is loud music playing. In your position as a student, you need to identify with some specific types of music which are typical among most learners.

Hip-Hop and R&B

This genre of music was initially created to address the cultural, social, and political concerns of the black people. Over time, the message has been distorted by several interest groups that have joined the industry to make quick money. The consequence is that hip-hop and R&B music today has been designed to glorify hyper-sexuality, violence, and drugs. The music also features naked girls as a trait for publicity. You can be influenced by sex scenes that now form the character of this kind of music.

Regular exposure to the sex scenes will impact on your life decisions. For example, you may feel like it is right to get intimate with multiple partners as it is depicted in the music. This increases your risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases as well as unwanted pregnancies. You should take note of the fact that music has a strong impact on your attitude and behavior. Research indicates that in your prime age as a student, there is a high possibility that you will make your decisions depending on the kind of music that you like. More specifically, if you listen to hip-hop, you are likely to engage in risk-taking behavior.


Reggae music is a genre that was founded in Jamaica, but it has since spread throughout the world. This type of music identifies with Rastafarianism culture, which tends to advance the use of marijuana. The common message is that marijuana should be legalized across the world. Reggae music is also significant in the fight against poverty and oppression. Famous artists have used it in the quest to uplift the youthful generation. You may be influenced in a number of ways in the positive and negative perspectives depending on the decisions you make.

Reggae can compel you to get into drug abuse, especially marijuana. It is considered as a holy herb in Jamaica where most reggae artists originate. This drug is said to help people to meditate, but it also has other side effects. Marijuana can cause hallucinations; therefore, as a student, you will not make informed judgment along with your studies. The long term effects are detrimental because the herb causes permanent damages to the brain; hence, you risk going mad. Despite the hype about marijuana, there are strict regulations about its consumption and trade in many countries. You are likely to face a jail term if you adopt the message to consume the drug.

There are positive messages that are communicated through reggae. The genre empowers the youths to emancipate themselves from poverty. You can be inspired to work hard in school and improve your life and that of others by listening to some good songs. Reggae teaches you to rise above the hurdles and create an environment where others can thrive. As a result, you get future aspirations for leadership where you will take an influential position to change the state of affairs. Reggae music also condemns acts of discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, and other aspects. In this perspective, you will be influenced to co-exist with others mutually.

Pop Music

This is the most popular among the whole list of genres. You will definitely have a perfect session as you listen to some tunes along with your study. Pop music is exciting, and it triggers happiness among teenagers and more specifically, learners. You will be able to complete your assignments in good time. During examination periods, the pop music genre helps you to cover more content within a short spell of time. Once you have had a long and stressful day of learning and clearing up some assignments, you may still listen to some songs to relax your mind. Together with your friends, you might decide to have an event to break the monotony of attending numerous classes. Pop music is the best genre to help you stage a wonderful concert that would see you dance till morning. You may have your speakers playing loud even during your exercise sessions in the field or in the gym. A playlist featuring pop music can spice up your social experience.

Music has both positive and negative influences on your life. As a student, you need to make informed choices about the kind of music that will have a lasting impact on your life. Your study sessions have to be productive. You can turn on your radio or iPod and have the perfect moment of learning. You need also to take note of the wrong influences that accompany the songs that you listen to. Be careful and avoid getting into issues like violence and drugs which will ruin your future. As you put up your playlist, take note of the messages that run through the music.

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Sharon Mazz
Sharon Mazz

As a student, I feel the impact of these genres on my perception of the world. I always listen to pop music while working on my college papers as it really triggers happiness. Also, I tried to find some inspirational tips for writing and have discovered a great website that offers free essay samples. If you are a student, I recommend you to check out this website. It will motivate you to write a perfect paper, and pleasant music will make your study sessions productive.