German Lugers

Artist: SnowgoonsTitle: German LugersRating: 3 StarsReviewed by: Rashaan Meador

The world of Hip-Hop has been increasing and, at the

same time shrinking. The fact that a team of German

producers would be making beats for US artists is a

testament to this statement. This bridging of two

sides of the world is done through the latest effort

from SnowGoons, a group of four who have helped

provide the soundscapes for a number of artists. The

album German Lugers (Babygrande) succeeds and fails

with the same formula-underground beats paired with

underground artists. Some of the combinations work,

but a majority of them don't.

There are a bevy of guest appearances on this album makes it look like a 90's Hip-Hop reunion. Along

with the production style, you get the feeling that

you opened up a time capsule that was closed up prior

to 1994.There are some outstanding verses from the

likes of Sean Price, O.C., Ed. OG and El Da Sensai

(Artifacts). Songs like "Nothing You Say" featuring

the legendary Craig G really bring out the gritty

production. Where this album falls short are the

misplaced guests appearances and the other emcees that

fill out the album.

"It's Yours" featuring Afu-Ra is a prime example of a

flow not fitting a track. It starts to get worse when

the other emcees start in with dated lyrics and

concepts. "Gunz" sounds like a cross between a bad

Eminem and Gravediggaz song. The raw lyrics are

appreciated, but get mundane after the 8th or 9th

song. The same can go for the production, but the

good outweighs the bad in that category. In all, the

effort will be appreciated by those who love this era

of Hip-Hop, but hated by those who choose not to revel

in the past too much.