Get To Know: Brandon Hines

Artist: Brandon HinesLocation: Detroit/Washington, DCInfluences: J Moss, Kim Burrell, Trey Songz, Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Nas.Why You Should Know Brandon Hines:Upon hearing his latest single, “Look Me in My Face,” one might question whether Mario Winans is back at it with another album. As you listen a little closer, you notice the fragile voice of a young man, baring his soul, waiting for his chance to share it with the world. Though you may not know his name just yet, the sexy, charismatic sound of Brandon Hines is sure to invade the hearts of music lovers around the world. Coy and sultry, Hines’ smooth undertones tinged with pitch perfect riffs add a genuine feel, missing in much of today’s pop-tart R&B. Hines jumpstarted his career at Howard University, after teaming up with Heavyweight Entertainment, a group of multi-talented producers, writers, and engineers at Howard University. His first single “Overdose” became as popular throughout the University and local clubs as the number one hit on your local radio station. It was a defining moment in the singer’s collegiate career, and if anyone had doubts about his star quality, the screams of hundreds of young women would instantly drown them out. “I was shocked at the ladies’ reactions because I don’t think of myself like a big deal like that. I don’t know how I had an affect on them like that, that quickly. [laughs] It’s mind blowing, but I keep humble about it,” Hines says of his college days. “It was actually crazy. I didn’t expect to get that kind of reaction, because Howard is such a hard school. They boo you and everything, whether you’re a celebrity or not. They aren’t the easiest crowd to win over, and the fact that they embraced me and supported me was just amazing and encouraged me to do what I do.”It wasn’t long before the soulful voice resonating within, which touched the hearts of his peers, soon touched and the ears of Songbook Entertainment’s Troy Taylor. Through his work with Troy Taylor, Hines developed a friendship with fellow R&B crooner, Trey Songz. “Trey [Songz] and I, we just clicked automatically,” Hines said of the Atlantic recording artist. “He reminds me of my homeboys back home. There’s no sense of competition or any of that. He really looks out for me.”With the support of one of the largest Historically Black College’s in the country, a friend and major recording artist in his corner, and a production team that has worked with the likes of Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men and Carl Thomas, Brandon Hines is destined to ride the waves of the recording industry. In the meantime, the writer and performer continues to make music from the heart, echoing remnants of classic R&B, with a modern feel. When asked to describe his sound, Hines simply says, “Listen to Usher's ‘Nice and Slow,’ R. Kelly's ‘12 Play,’ Luther Vandross' ‘House Is Not A Home,’ Coldplay's ‘Fix You,’ Nas' ‘Street Dreams,’ and J Moss’ ‘Abundantly.’As Brandon Hines continues to make moves, fans and those soon to become fans, can see him opening for Bobby Valentino, Trey Songz, Rihanna, and Chris Brown at a venue near you. In the meantime, check out for a sneak peak of what’s in store.