Get To Know: Joy Ike

Artist: Joy IkeLocation: Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaInfluences: Sara Groves, Corrine Bailey Rae, Norah Jones, Regina Spector, Sufjan Stevens, Amy WinehouseWhy You Should Know Joy Ike:When

you think of Pittsburgh, thoughts of blue-collar sweat, hard work, and

the daily grind immediately come to mind. Known as “The Steel City,”

Pittsburgh is not a city known for its burgeoning music scene, but as

time rages on, the flood gates of various genres of music are beginning

to spring forth and spill over in the region.Joy Ike is one of

the artists that will ultimately be responsible for placing

Pittsburgh’s music scene firmly on the map. Her compelling voice and

alluring sense of excitement has placed her at the zenith of the local

music scene, and the time has come for her to elevate to the next

level. Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana to Nigerian parents (but raised in

Pittsburgh), Joy grew up playing the piano with her two brothers and

sister. Like most teenagers, she decided to rebel and not complete the

training that was afforded her at such a young age. However, her

musical roots would shadow her throughout her college life, and she

would put those roots into good use.In December 2006, Joy released her debut EP, titled Before These Words Were Ever Spoken... - an

album deeply rooted in her devout faith in God, while tackling such

issues as love, loneliness and the meaning of life. “The songs on the

album are some of my earlier songs that I wrote coming out of college,

reflecting on my faith and where I was.” With musical inspirations

such as Amy Winehouse, Corrine Bailey Rae and Norah Jones, Joy

successfully infused today’s neo-soul sound with jazz and pop

influences to create a musical depth not heard in quite sometime. To

her credit, Joy has performed at almost every major Pittsburgh venue,

including the Hard Rock Café, the Rex Theater, Club Café and the Shadow

Lounge.Although she has been an active performer for only two

years and a songwriter for three years, Joy has received a warm

following, and her fan base is waiting in the wings for more. “I ran

into a lady at one of my shows, and she said she had a dream. She had a

dream of heaven, and she heard all of these angels singing. She said

that my voice was the closest representation to the sound that she had

heard.” While compliments such as these are commonplace for Joy, it

makes her more appreciative of her gift and drives her to make music

her top priority.While she doubles as a publicist for a major

publishing company, Joy is quietly preparing for the release of her

first full-length album, which has yet to be titled. The album is

slated for release in early 2008, and rest assured it will be Joy’s

most anointed work to date. Upon the release of the album, she has

aspirations of relocating to Nashville, TN, where open doors and

opportunities are destined to be made available to her. If

you are in the Pittsburgh area and would like to see Joy perform live,

please visit for dates and times, or visit to hear samples of her music and to get

her random thoughts of the day.