Get To Know: The Transfer

Group: The TransferLocation: L.A.Influences: Bill Withers, Tupac, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jay-Z, Fiona Apple, The Cure, Outkast, The Four Tops, DJ Premier, Incubus, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Stevie WonderWhy You Should Know The Transfer:When someone describes something as “different," it usually means “dude-it-ain’t-for-me." But in music, where the next generation of party-goers continue to blur the lines between genres, different is good. In fact, it’s better than that; being different is awesome. The Transfer, an emerging band from the underground L.A. music scene, has carved their own niche in different territory.The Transfer offers something different for rock and rap lovers. A six-piece band with a rapper and a singer, The Transfer has a style that lies someplace between Maroon 5 and Gym Class Heroes. “It was never a conscious decision," says the band’s rapper Marc Griffin, when asked about the band having two vocalists. “When we grew up, a lot of the social cliques were defined by the music that kids listened to, which in the '90s was split pretty much into rap and rock.”Matt Reagan (Guitar) and Marc Griffin met in high-school, and from there the band continued to grow scouting members in college, the extended family and the L.A. music scene. Now the complete group of six including Tyler “T-Time” Cord (Vocals), Moses “Audiomoe” Truzman (Drummer), Nii Mantse Addy (Percussion) and Matt Warshauer (Bass) are winning over West Coast fans the old fashion way- by touring in a 15 passenger van.”Being out on the road has allowed us to meet a crazy amount of new people”, says Griffin. “It’s exactly what we want to be doing. We’ve played everywhere from 100-degree attics to college auditoriums. We’ve worked our asses off, seen wild elk and traveled through the Sherwood Forest of the 101 highways in Northern California. We've had sleepless nights into daytime gigs, penicillin shots and makeshift entertainment on the long drives. If anyone needs some serious in-the-car games, holler at us.”It’s no surprise the band has major labels buzzing with interest. Unlike some of the other indolent, money-hungry musicians we are obliged to deal with, The Transfer are equally serious about performing as they are about their message. “We can jam at straight Hip-Hop shows as well as rock festivals. We want to bring relevant and thought provoking content to the party, but make sure it's still a party.” Party on, dude.For more on The Transfer go to: