Gillie Da Kid: The Best Of The GDK Mixtapes

The last group of Hip-Hop superstars has been birthed out of a mix of several elements. A strong mixtape buzz, beef with an artist, and of course a link to some sort of criminal activity (i.e. 50 Cent, Jeezy, Game, etc.). Fortunately, for Gillie the Kid, he has all three and then some. With his recent arrest, his barrage of diss songs and YouTube webisodes aimed at Cash Money, and his recent wave of music being introduced to the masses, he may turn out to be the next big thing. It might seem strange for an artist to put out a compilation CD with no major release, but as evidenced on The Best of the GDK Mixtapes (Babygrande), Gillie’s material is definitely a level above the average artist on the verge.The Best of the GDK Mixtapes is a showcase of original songs featured on his latest mixtape releases. The guy who boasts that he is the reason for Lil’ Wayne’s season of lyrical supremacy doesn’t leave any doubt about his ability. What’s surprising about the material is that it sounds official—not just throwaway tracks and slapped together collabos. With only guest appearances from his Major Figgas family, he gets the entire spotlight he needs. Songs like “Friend of Mine” and “Sucker Free” are a testament to his claims of Weezy’s swagger-jackin’—the similarities in their flow is undeniable. “Figga What, Figga Who” is another song that offers up a nimble, rapid flow in the same vein as the Jay-Z/Jaz-O song off Jigga’s Vol.2 album with the similar name. The downfall to any “Best Of” release is that sometimes it misses the mark at truly showing all the things that make an artist great. The true gems off of his mixtapes are over industry beats, automatically eliminating those from the mix. The subject matter doesn’t vary much and the production, which is solid overall, sometimes becomes monotonous. But for those who were wondering what the fuss is all about, this collection serves notice to all non-believers. The jury is still out on whether he can parlay his recent efforts into platinum results. This is definitely a step down the path of a future talented, yet controversial rapper.