Glasses Malone: "Nipsey Hussle Was Our Jesus"


Nipsey Hussle is still here with us, as his spirit continues to inspire. Check out the perspective from friend G.Malone.

Interview by Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur

(AllHipHip Features) Nipsey Hussle would be 34 today had the South Central Los Angeles king not been brutally murdered earlier this year. The rapper and community advocate was a beacon of hope and living symbol of renewed respect in Hip-Hop. Nip, born Ermias Joseph Asghedom, represented the finest and realest parts of Hip-Hop. His grind from the very bottom to the tippy-top inspired scores of people. Even more discovered his greatness after his tragic death.

Glasses Malone, a fellow Crip, was a friend of Nipsey and has even recorded with his comrade. Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur talked to G. Malone about Nipsey Hussle, about the massive loss, how the West Coast is coping and why he does not subscribe to the conspiracy theories. Most of all, he says Nip was like Jesus Christ to the West Coast and explains why.

AllHipHop: First of all, have you received any death threats from "Tupac Must Die," your controversial song and video?

Glasses Malone: Tons. Somewhere near 100-200.

AllHipHop: How do you feel about that?

Glasses Malone: I'm a 7th Street Watts Crips. I just don't want to have to kill one of these little stupid ass people! I'm not gonna f##k around. My ni##a Nip got killed. I'm not giving a ni##a nothing extra. Y'all killed Nip? I know y'all will kill me! And he was more positive and impactful, trying to change a life. Me, I'm just kickin' the street sh#t and giving you insight that you never had. If y'all would kill Nip or Jesus...I know for sure (you would kill me). So, I'm not f##kin' around. I don't mind it. All that lolly gaggin'...they gonna get they self killed messing with me.

AllHipHop: OK, you be safe out there. When Nipsey was killed, people over here - on the East Coast - were in legit mourning. But, I talked to people in L.A. and it was a different level. Can you tell me how it all felt? You did songs with Nip and you knew him.

Glasses Malone: That's our Jesus. That's the West Coast Jesus. Sometimes when you look at him...its almost scary. You really can't put it into words. He was really Los Angeles' own. He was a representation of what L.A. was like. As far as his impact on the streets, how he was really like Jesus dying. Its dope to see him get his credit though. He was another guy that made sure he left his impact on the people that impacted culture. More than the average everyday fan, most of them didn't get it. But the people like LeBron James, the people that mattered to the "Oh." And I could relate to that a lot. Like Scarface is a fan of my music or Snoop Dogg or Daz, Kurupt (Tha Dogg Pound). But, impacting the public and the public finally (understand)...I just hated that he had to die for that to happen.

AllHipHop: I was fortunate enough meet him and be on a panel with him. I just hope from a community standpoint, we continue to do the work. If he dies in vain, then it's all for nothing.

Glasses Malone: I said this before, but I think dying freed his spirit. His body died and it freed his spirit. His spirit was a real contagious one so it's going to be hard for his impact to not resonate with more people, I think. People are feeling it. It's so many people that put up pictures of Nip since he's passed away...not like the average guy that passed away. It feels different: It was different. He was a really good dude. If you knew him and you f##ked with him and he fucked with you...he F##KED with you.

Its really like Jesus dying for Los Angeles. It's still surreal. It hurt totally different. Do you believe in the conspiracies?

Glasses Malone: I don't believe none of that. You never know. It (gang murder) happens all the time where we're from. It happens all the time in L.A. It makes it hard for it to be a conspiracy. This situation is not below that possibility. It happens that way where we from so much. Just not having him he would always be on me about marketing. He would always push me to be more authentic, more pure, more honest and (Nip) is a representation of that. He would cheer me on. He would cheer me on like, "This is it." To not be able to talk to him about what I'm thinking...I would have sure been on the phone with him like "I got some sh#t."

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This is political BS. No one said ANY of this before his death. This is gang related bullshit!!!!!


His legacy lives on..

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