Glory Road (Film)

Artist: Movie ReviewTitle: Glory Road (Film)Rating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Oyama Caviness

Disney does it again…this time with Glory Road (Buena Vista Pictures), the true story of Western Texas, the first Men’s basketball team to win the 1966 NCAA tournament with five Colored, Negro, and/or Black starters. Josh Lucas carries the film with his portrayal of Hall of Fame Coach Don Haskins. Layered story lines, decent basketball sequences, and well casted supporting actors hold the audiences attention throughout the film.

Derek Luke, known for his breakout role in “Antwoine Fisher” gives a stellar performance playing Bobby Joe Hill, the headstrong team captain whose love interest Tina is played by Tatyana Ali. Another recognizable actor is Al Shearer, formerly the star of BET’s “Hits from the Streets”. The part is a stretch for the highly comical Al. Although convincing at times, there are points where “Hits” comes clear across the screen and provides necessary comic relief. The plot does a good job reminding the audience about the strong racial hatred that occurred in the very recent past, which is essentially the theme of Glory Road.

The Disney presence is apparent through corny lines and heroic scenarios. However, there is an impressive use of the decade’s “Sweet Music” and character driven plots that allow this Jerry Bruckheimer production to provide high quality entertainment with a significant historical context.