Got Purp? Volume 2

Artist: Big Boi Presents...Title: Got Purp? Volume 2Rating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Oyama Caviness

Big Boi is still reppin’ the “A”. In lie of the now defunct Aquemini Records Got Purp? Vol. 2 (Purple Ribbon/Virgin) is a compilation of Big Boi’s Purple Ribbon acts including Dungeon Family (DF) rappers of the new generation like Killer Mike and Bubba Sparxxx, as well as long time collaborator Sleepy Brown. The DF once laid the foundation for Atlanta’s now prevalent Hip-Hop presence over 10 years ago when being a rapper wasn’t the norm. Got Purp ? features almost all of the original DF members and is reminiscent of the days back when, minus one key ingredient-the other half of the dynamic duo Outkast, Andre 3000. Killer Mike harshly and without regret, answers most questions on “Dungeon Family Dedication”, which ironically samples Big Boi and Dre’s classic proclamation of loyalty “Aquemini”, kicking, “All I know is Big here, Dre gone, moved on/Changed names from Aquemini to Purple Ribbon.”

In contrast to this necessary, but missing ingredient there is an overdue reunion of the original members of Goodie Mob on the trumpeting “Hold On”. Although the track has the authentic Goodie Mob sound, depth, and tone, it falls short on lyrical versatility. Fortunately, Cee-lo makes up for this disappointing appearance on his duet with R&B the singer Scar on “What Is This”. The mellow production blends perfectly with Scars sultry vocals and Cee-lo’s clever rhymes. Sleepy Brown contributes more R&B strength to the album on “Me, My Baby, and My Cadillac” as he takes the listener on a joyride throughout the streets of Atlanta. This nostalgic track definitely captures the essence of DF.

The overall experience from the album feels like throwing in a 90s favorite while reminiscing with old friends about growing up in the south. Only a few attempts bring DF into the new millennium like the grimy, strip club feel of “Claremont Lounge” featuring Bubba Sparx, Killer Mike, and Cool Breeze and “808” featuring Big Boi, Bun B, Big Gee, and G-Rock. The crunk combination of intricate production and lyrics on the first release, the Beat Bullies produced “Kryptonite” featuring Big Boi, Killer Mike, C-Bone, and Rock D is the true anchor to the compilation and is strong enough to hold Got Purp? down without it going belly up.