Gotham Citi is Ready to Take Us "Back To Love"

Comprised of four young men from New York, the members of Gotham Citi definitely possess the vocal prowess to ignite the soul and bring true R&B back. Jonathan, Dijuan, Clif, and CJ plan to take R&B back to its roots and bring "love" back along with that classic and timeless R&B sound! Gotham Citi's music maintains a mainstream sound but also combines soulful quality and street edge. In 2012, the group's immense talent caught the attention of Grammy award-winning producer Bryan Michael Cox who then signed the group to his company SCMG. Lately the group has been working diligently on new music but also releasing soulful and impressive covers of classics for their fans. R&B fans are definitely excited anytime a talented R&B group emerges as they miss what R&B groups brought to the genre; the tight harmonies and soul. Their latest single "Back To Love" is winning over the hearts of true R&B fans. Take a listen below!