Grafh: The Big Bang Theory

Grafh's legend

is already sprouting wings. The streets are buzzing, talking about the battle

between the young Queens native and P.Diddy's Da Band down at the Mixshow Power

Summit in Miami.

While there is

no official word of a victor, the word is Grafh held it down all by his lonely.

His mixtape, "The Bangout," has been selling like Bronx crack and

he shows no signs of decline.

AllHipHop caught

the Epic Records/Blackhand gunner as embarks on war.

AllHipHop: Tell

me about yourself.

Grafh: My name

Grafh yall. Blackhand is the label Blackhand is the gang. Queens Is the borough

and I just rep everything and I'm just doing it. Right now I finished two albums

and the "Bangout" out video. I'm on the "In Those Jeans"

remix with Ginuwine's song. I'm on the grind. That's it man.

AllHipHop: What

does your album consist of?

Grafh: My album is well rounded. I talk about my life in general, the sh*t I

seen and the sh*t I been through and my people been through. With me, there

was a lot of pain coming up. At 14 my pops was gone. I aint got no father in

the crib. My only role model was the street. He got murdered right in front

of me. I was in the street. My moms was in the street. I tried to stay out the

street but that sh*t aint work. My pops came back around when I was seventeen

and they blew his brains out so now I'm here and rap is kind of like my last


AllHipHop: What's

your style of rhyming?

Grafh: Dirty, new, different not like them. Its Grafh. I just talk about real

sh*t. I try to get creative and witty with the topics. I'm a sarcastic nigga

so it's a lot of sarcasm in there. I think today's hip-hop is in a state where

it just sucks. I'm trying to put a whole bunch of cool sh*t in one spot. I'm

just doing me.

AllHipHop: Where

you get the name from?

Grafh: I been had that name since I was young. I spit a motion picture. I spray

paint art. I even spray paint walls and sh*t. My name is Grafh. Its graphic

art. I spit a motion picture. Spray paint your brain a little bit.

AllHipHop: Is there

a certain place that you wanna get in the game?

Grafh: I wanna get to the top quick, but not too quick though. When you blow

up too quick then you don't have no longevity and n*ggas will get washed up.

When you blow up real quick your music gets saturated and today's hip-hop is

based on saturation. You gotta saturate the industry in order to win and as

we all know saturation make sh*t corny. That's why hip-hop got a short memory,

because music get saturated.

AllHipHop: Why

do you think hip-hop is going down?

Grafh: It aint going down. Its stagnant. It aint going no where. Everybody is

doing the same sh*t. Everybody's a killer everybody's a hustla blah blah blah.

Sure. So if everybody's a hustla where the f*ck are the fiends at. It aint impressive.

The music sound the same and n*ggas is picking the same type of music same hooks.

AllHipHop: Can

you explain Blackhand Entertainment?

Grafh: Blackhand that's the label. It's a street label. Street business, now

we doing music. Rap and the street is all the same sh*t. Rap, crack what's the

difference. Its all the same sh*t but we doing music now and trying to take

it to the top. I'm the President of Blackhand. We just do music for everybody

that can feel my pain. If you poor and you aint never have sh*t then this here's

for you.

AllHipHop: I heard

you got song with Shyne.

Grafh: Yeah its called get "Dirty." That's in the street driving n*ggas

crazy. I did a song with Jay-Z and Juelz Santana. I'm on that Ginuwine remix,

its playing on the radio right now. I'm on 2 songs with Lil Flip and I got a

song with Juvenile.

AllHipHop: How you get Shyne?

Grafh: Magic. I put a mic under the f*cking cell block and we just made it happen.


AllHipHop: You

got an album coming out?

Grafh: The album is called Autografh. It will be out in February. Check

your local bootlegging table. I also got the CD out on the streets called Bangout.

I made an album for the streets because I make like a song a day. I got too

much music I can't do nothing with, so I just give it to the street. I just

feed n*ggas. You only win in this game with music and I want n*ggas to understand

who I am and understand my story understand while I'm here.

AllHipHop: Can

you talk about your mixtapes?

Grafh: The mixtape

is just street sh*t. It's for the street and whoever else wanna listen, be my

guests. As far as mixtapes period I'm on everybody mixtape. Kay Slay, Funkmaster

Flex, Enuff, Clue, Kool Kid, Whoo Kid, you name it then I did it.