Grafh: The Big Bang Theory Pt. 2

AllHipHop: It seems like all these rappers are coming from Queens What separates

you from them?

Grafh: You gotta

listen to the music. The concepts I come up with the with. A lot of my sh*t

go over n*ggas heads. It aint complicated but I don't know, maybe I rhyme too

fast and n*ggas think too slow. Its definitely fire.

AllHipHop: Can

you speak on people referring to you as the black Eminem?

Grafh: That's a compliment because Eminem is a dope mc. He's one of the few

MC's the game got right now. My imagination goes far out, so in a way I grab

the words together my word patterns are just incredible. I don't even know how

the f*ck I do it. I just say what the f*ck I feel. It just happens to be shocking.

That's a compliment though so I take that.

AllHipHop: I heard

you ghost wrote for Joe Buddens.

Grafh: Wow. [Laughs] I heard that too. I ghost wrote for a lot of people. I'm

trying to be ghost writer slash actor slash everything. I do it all. Any of

these wack ass rappers that need ghost writers for them male or female hermaphrodite

or dike, I don't give a f*ck what u wanna be. Holla at the kid, I do it all.

AllHipHop: How

did you get into rap?

Grafh: I was getting

tired of hustling and all that and I need to support my family and I was like

f*ck it, this gonna be my last hope and Ima go hard at this sh*t. n*ggas can't

be thinking that rapping is all just fun and you spit. I aint gonna front, the

sh*t is fun. I don't know how people get in this game and be like 'I'm stressed'

or 'man f*ck that'.. this is the easy hustle. It's hard work but so what hard

work pays off. I don't care what you do. If you work in an office go hard. If

you sell crack on the block do it all day. If you rap go hard. Work hard on

whatever you do, the sh*t pays off.

AllHipHop: There

are so many rappers that's out like Cassidy, J-Hood are you trying to compete

with any of them?

Grafh: I aint

compete with nobody. I got a joint with J- Hood and Cassidy. I like them n*ggas.

I appreciate other n*ggas music but I aint competing with nobody I'm doing me.

AllHipHop: Where

do you see yourself in the long run of rap?

Grafh: Up there on the roof at the top of the game. If I don't get to the top

I'm just gonna keep going until I get there. Aint no turning back and there

aint no losing.

AllHipHop: If

there was one rapper you would like to take out the game who would it be?

Grafh: I can't even get into that sh*t. I aint sh*tting on nobody. All that

sh*t do is hurt they sales. Everybody tryna eat and feed they family, so I aint

gonna sh*t on none of them rappers, but its a lot of n*ggas I don't like.