Grind 2 Def Launches Grind 2 Def Tees In Time for Mayweather Vs. Cotto

Are you ready for one of the most anticipated nights this year?

That is May 5. Cinco de Mayo. Mayweather vs. Cotto.

Urban clothing has always managed to intertwine itself with major sporting events and teams. Not only has Jay-Z teamed up with the New York Yankees this year, but Grind 2 Def Tees announced the release of their limited edition, Floyd Mayweather "Undefeated" t-shirt. The release of the shirt is to honor Mayweather as the #1 boxer in the world as he takes on Miguel Cotto.

Undefeated t-shirt

Boxing industry consultant, Macke Roberts, mentions, "Floyd Mayweather is a global icon and his status has allowed us to receive numerous order requests from countries around the world for this shirt. Grind 2 Def Tees wants to bring something unique and different to the urban clothing market place. We are inspired by the boxing fans and their passion for the sport of boxing."

The first of Grind 2 Def Tees' t-shirt line is available from medium to 3XL for $20. Purchase one and learn more on the limited edition Floyd Mayweather "Undefeated" t-shirt at

Will you be rocking your Mayweather "Undefeated" t-shirt on May 5? Or, are you rocking with Cotto?