Gucci Mane: Back To The Traphouse

Few rappers bred from Atlanta actually possess the lyrical skill to sit among Hip-Hop’s elite. The others subside in a group infamously known as ring tone rappers and trap-stars. With Gucci Mane mainly recognized for his hit “So Icy;” it’s obvious that he’s part of the latter. So a big single, one murder charge and two years in music later, Gucci’s decides to go Back To The Traphouse (Atlantic). Maybe because his 2006 follow up Hard To Kill went unnoticed and his 2005 debut Traphouse was the only album that garnered a Billboard spot and a significant single.

This latest project not only lacks meaning for his reasoning to go back to his dope dealer demeanor, it showcases Gucci’s talent for what it is; nonexistent. It’s not as if listeners have brought Gucci’s past releases for lyrical value anyway, but when you hear bars like “I rock so much ice I shoulda brought my cooler / Ya girl wanna lay up / Seen the Jacob / Crazy color chains lookin like a laser” found on “I’m Cool;” you begin to contemplate on how he was able to secure a major recording deal.

Where Gucci’s lyrics fail, you can rely on collaborations with Trey Songz (“Drink It Straight”) and the late Pimp C and Rich Boy (“I Know Why”) to arouse your ears. Lil’ Kim and The Game also bring excitement to otherwise dull tracks. Expect Queen Bee to spew her legendary lines about her excellent head game on “Freaky Gurl (Remix)” and The Game to outshine Gucci on “I Might Be.”

Even though the listener is bombarded with some disasters ("I Move Chickens," "Bird Flu," "Ballers") the album’s production does present some brief highlights. Reefa hooks up some keyboard horns on “16 Fever,” while “Drink It Straight” featuring Trey Songz pushes an 80’s vibe with a heavy use of 808’s. Furthermore, “G-Love (You Don’t Love Me)” takes you to a soulful place with silky vocals courtesy of LeToya Luckett.

At the end of the day, Gucci’s elementary flows are the death of this disc. Without digging the album a deeper grave, it’s simple to say, his decision to go Back To The Traphouse is evident but hopeless.