Happy 30th Birthday Aaliyah

AllHipHop Staff

While today we commemorate the life of Notorious B.I.G. with the release of his Notorious biopic, another musician lost her life too soon. Today Aaliyah Haughton would have turned 30 years old. Think about that. Babygirl would be grown up, perhaps married (to Damon Dash?) on her 7th or 8th album with a few more movies under her belt. Aaliyah would have raised many young girls to become grown women and come to understand that sex doesn't always sell. She would have continued the movement of real dance in music videos, choreographed but with a flair that only a true dancer/singer could bring. Aaliyah would probably have had a clothing line for girls who hate dresses but still want to look sexy. She would have done more for the cause of Breast Cancer in honor of her favorite aunt. Aaliyah would have been 30 years old. Think about that. While we always remember the deaths of our favorite artists, today we honor the birth. We're sad to have lost Aaliyah, but we're so thankful we had her for the 22 years that we did. So Happy 30th Birthday, Miss Haughton. Party it up in heaven for us and tell B.I.G. and Pac to turn the volume up, so we can all hear them performing together. Check out our Aaliyah Anniversary piece from August.