HAPPY BIRTHDAY STAN LEE! How The Comic Icon and Marvel Impacted Hip-Hop Culture!

Stan Lee is the man, but why? DJ Pete Rock, DJ BenHaMeen and Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur talk, Marvel, Stan Lee and Rap!

(AllHipHop Features) Comics and Hip-Hop have a crazy, sometimes symbiotic relationship, even though one world is decidedly fantasy and another is rooted firmly in reality. Stan “The Man” Lee, the one time publisher and president of Marvel Comics, has been the single-most visible, flag wavin’, card carrying, representative of the comics world that has now expanded ubiquitously into pop culture. However, long before it was consumed en masse, Hip-Hop adopted comics. From the very beginning, comics and Hip-Hop were strange bedfellows and Stan Lee was the ultimate salesman. Within Hip-Hop, there were quiet, oftentimes secret advocates to the culture as well.

December 28th, his birthday, is now considered #StanLeeDay and AllHipHop has gathered legendary producer DJ Pete Rock, consummate nerd podcaster, screenwriter DJ BenHaMeen and Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur to talk about the icon. How did an older Jewish man come to impact the world of hopeful, disenfranchised people of color? What did Stan Lee mean to Hip-Hop has an emerging subculture back in the day? Face front, true believer, we are about to get into it all!

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