Happy Birthday: What Would Mac Dre Be Doing In 2018? His Mom, Mac Wanda Explains

Mac Dre was born today. Check out this Q & A with the late rapper's mother.

Mac Dre's birthday, life and Legacy will take place today to honor what would have been the rap star's 48th birthday, had assassin's not taken his life.

Tonight at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA, a variety of Bay Area rappers are gathering to show support for Mac Dre, and his mother Wanda who works tirelessly to keep Mac Dre's business in order.

As we know, Mac Dre’s mother, “Mac Wanda”, has done an exceptional job throughout the years, in carrying her late son’s hip-hop legacy.

In a recent interview, Mac Wanda gave us some details on what to expect on this time around, future goals for Thizz Entertainment, and what she’s learned so far with being a momager, and a hip-hop entrepreneur.

AllHipHop: If Mac Dre were alive today, what initiatives do you think he would take on in today’s music industry?

Mac Wanda: I think he would be focused on his record label, and his companies...and, he’d be really interested in showcasing up and coming artists. He’d would for sure want to work with the “Lil Pump’s”, and the “Young Thug’s”. He’d support them doing things like the rainbow-colored hair, because of the uniqueness and the courage, and most of all the want to do something different.

AllHipHop: What’s a void in the music industry today that you think Mac Dreams would fill?

Mac Wanda: With some of the “not so popular” and “not so famous” rappers, he would fill the void by getting them in venues, shows... or discovered. I still think there is a chosen few. In the industry today, hip hop has become sort of like a club. Either you’re in it or you’re not.  Because it’s so male dominated, it’s very hard for females to get in the door. Most of them don’t have lasting careers like some of the guys.

AllHipHop: What are your plans with Thizz Entertainment? Are you seeking for new talent?

Mac Wanda: I’m going to. I haven’t done so yet because I’m focused on Mac Dre’s music. He has 34 albums, so the only artist is Mac Dre. I’ve done a lot of work cleaning it up. I’m really on the verge of just looking for a break through artist. I’m not sure who it’s gonna be and who they’re going to look like, etc.

AllHipHop: Will this show be streamed live? How can others tune in?

Mac Wanda: We tossed that idea around, but it got really complicated. Hopefully sometime in the future, maybe one day. We’re looking at creating festival where the live streaming can be done for Mac Dre day.

AllHipHop: What has Mac Dre taught you about the music industry?

Mac Wanda: I’ve learned about the importance of trademarking your ideas, I trademarked Mac Dre Day, and Thizz Entertainment.

Learning the importance of how to read a contract is also very important. You have to know the business side, contracts, reading the fine prints and really understanding what they mean.

I had to learn that the hard way because some of the contracts he signed, I had to dissect them, and try to get out all of them or try to work around the things he signed away. I’ve also learned about licensing, imaging, and how to turn that into substantial income. You have to be really careful, it’s very touchy.  I’ve learned a lot.

AllHipHop: What do you appreciate the most about today’s hip hop culture?

Mac Wanda: I appreciate the artists who have the courage to be them and be themselves not matter how outrageous people think they are.  To me, if people are saying negative things about you, then you’re doing something right. To those artists, I say continue to experiment and do you!

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