Havoc: "Hidden Files" (Album Review)

AllHipHop Staff

Considering the turmoil that has befallen the Infamous camp, for Havoc to drop an album seems right. His main homey Prodigy has been sent upstate for a short bid. Havoc already has the experience to drop a solo attempt, as witnessed by his “debut” The Kush. His latest, Hidden Files, should be enough to tide over people who wanted a signet of the Mobb, but not much else.

Perhaps rightly so, one of the best offerings of the disc happens to be with his longtime partner, Prodigy. “On A Mission”, is a sordid affair filled with the G s*** fans would like. Prodigy goes in, and Havoc supports him well, enough so to remind anyone who has felt they have fallen off as a duo to back up and reconsider.

Another offering that captures the spirit of the disc is “You Treated Me….” Havoc seems to take a backseat as Cassidy makes the most of the beat. The Philly rhyme slayer rips the beat as best he can. “This Is Where It’s at” is in the same vein, this time with Infamous squad member Big Noyd doing his damage to the track.

Havoc’s production is still noteworthy when he’s on point. He has the credit for the entire album, and takes the chance to show his range. With tracks like “That’s My Word” and “Walk Wit Me” he really gets busy with him MPC. Even so, tracks such as “The Millennium” come lame, as the production feels basic at best.

Many of the titles that feature Havoc on the solo tip feel forgettable. “Can’t Get Touched” doesn’t the open the album with a bang. “Heart Of The Grind” is the same in kind, as it doesn’t feel more than filler to round out an album.

Both songs that feature an R&B singer seem out of place as well. The first, “Watch Me” doesn’t feel much more than a track that tries to cash in on the auto-tune craze. The supposed crooner on the track, Ricky Blaze, misses the fact that although the auto tune fixes the voice problems you may face, it doesn’t make up for a weak hook. “Tell Me More” feels just out of place. Instead of closing the album it leaves the listener in a weird place, wondering where the next track is.

Hidden Files isn’t a bad album by any means. Fans of The Kush will find enjoyment with it, but, those who were expecting a tour de force of emotion that explains the current situation of Mobb Deep, prepare to be disappointed. This album ends up just as forgetful as his last offering, and once another Mobb album appears, we won’t remember it.

Havoc Featuring Cassidy

"You Treated Me"