Havok Jones Talks R&B and the Return of Groups with AllHipHop

Southern songbirds Havok Jones, are the new face in R&B. Uniquely comprised of Kea Aleis, MaiDai, Aire B. and Neiko, the group has released their first single “Who Can I Run To,” a remake of the ‘90s super group Xscape’s chart-topping single, off their '90s R&B homage-based EP. The group stated that they are so thankful and excited for the opportunity to honor the women who influenced them by creating an entire project dedicated to their great music. “There are so many groups who inspired us and we want to start our careers by showing our appreciation, because without them there would be no us." The group is scheduled to tribute SWV, TLC, 702, Xscape, and Destiny's Child at their Inaugural Homage event June 3, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. AllHipHop caught up with Havok Jones to discuss the state of R&B, paying homage, the return of R&B groups, and more. Check out the interview below.