Haze Tobacco hookah & Celebrity Jeweler "Iceman" Nick Weekend In Houston

Celebrity Jeweler, Big Pope Star-studded Weekend In Houston

Haze Tobacco Hookah & Celebrity Jeweler Iceman Nick of (Johnny's Custom Jewelry) come together & launch (super producer) Jazze Pha #Smokesxxy & #GotIce campaign. This 3 day event was put together by both Big Pope (celebrity jeweler) & Echo Hattix of Echoing Soundz. Celebrity friends consisted of Rosa Acosta, Cap 1, Love& Hip-Hop Hollywood's Sincere Show, Charm Killings, Jazzy Pha, Stephanie, Supreme Adib, Rap-A-Lot Records - Jas Prince, Aba ReJouis, Slim Thug, Layla Noal, Charmkillings, DJ Mr. Rogers, Cap 1, Supremeteam Adib, Ava ReJouis, Hasan of Facet Studio and more.

See what happened on this 3-day extravaganza!