Here’s 20 Viral Hip Hop Related Memes From 2016


First off, to all the die hard 80’s/90’s Hip Hop fans who may feel some type of way about internet memes becoming such a big part of the culture, it’s time to accept the humorous pics and vids are now a popular (and permanent) way to document what’s happening.

by Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

(AllHipHop Features) Visual art like graffiti has been a Hip Hop staple since the beginning. In the 21st century, creative people have just gone from tagging buildings or train cars to posting content on Instagram or Twitter. takes a look back at some of the most shared, talked about, copied, and criticized Hip Hop related memes of 2016. From Amber Rose forever changing the meaning of the “pointer finger” emoji to a children’s cartoon getting a grown-up makeover, here are some of the most viral digital jokes and online challenges of the year.

50 Cent Hands Meek Mill Another “L”

Meek Mill – fairly or unfairly – is a name that’s constantly associated with taking a loss. Even the Dreamchasers leader had to submit to 50 Cent’s Instagram bullying methods, as the NYC veteran continued to come up with meme after meme during the two rappers’ feud earlier this year. Of course, the rest of the internet joined in on Fiddy’s IG assault.

Amber Rose Shuts Down Kanye West With “Finger In The Booty” Tweet

Amber Rose made an official claim for the title of “Clapback Queen” when she went deep into her insult vault for ammo against her ex-boyfriend Kanye West. Yeezy made the mistake of bringing Amber’s son into his back-and-forth with Wiz Khalifa. The result was the #FingersInTheBootyAssB-tch tweet read ’round the world.

Birdman Demands The Breakfast Club Put Some “Respek” On His Name

What has been called the shortest Breakfast Club interview ever, may also be the source of the most viral Breakfast Club moment ever as well. It took less than 3 minutes for Birdman to give the internet three new classic Hip Hop quotes. “Put some respek on my name,” “all tree of y’all,” and “y’all finished or y’all done?” are now forever part of the rap lexicon. And the memes spawned from the brief sit down are just as memorable.

Drake Takes Several Seats Thanks To Views Album Cover

The OVO Sound returned in April with Drake’s fourth studio album Views. Prior to the LP hitting stores, the platinum-selling performer revealed the cover art for his latest body of work. The image featured the Young Money representative sitting on Toronto’s CN Tower, and social media users then decided to place Lil Drizzy in uncommon places and situations.

J. Cole Reigns Over A Cole World With No Features

This summer, congrats went out to J. Cole for his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album earning double platinum status. The RIAA certification once again sparked fans and haters to take part in the “Cole went platinum with no features” discussion. In this era, we can’t have a major online conversation without corresponding memes.

People Are Completely Confused By Desiigner’s “Tiimmy Turner” Freestyle

Desiigner exploded on the music landscape with “Panda.” The #1 single had a lot of listeners scratching their heads about the song’s lyrics. Things got even more confusing when the Brooklyn-bred entertainer started crooning about The Fairly OddParents character Timmy Turner during his XXL Freshman freestyle. Parody versions were inevitable.

Fabolous’ Face Says It All About Desiigner’s BET Awards Performance

It didn’t take long after the “Tiimmy Turner” trend for Desiigner to become the subject of another meme-ready moment. The G.O.O.D Music signee’s energetic performance at the BET Awards left Fabolous looking concerned. Fab would later hop on Twitter to say “Desiigner just caught me off guard,” but his facial expression appeared to tell a different story.

New Yorkers & 1990’s Heads Drag Rich Homie Quan For Flubbing Biggie Lyrics

Note to any professional rappers: make sure you memorize and practice any public tributes you have planned for iconic Hip Hop figures. If you don’t, you could end up on the wrong end of significant internet hate. Just ask Rich Homie Quan what happened to him after he mangled The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Get Money” verse at VH1’s Hip Hop Honors.

21 Savage Makes Sure People Know His Face Tattoo “Issa Knife”

Atlanta rhymer 21 Savage aided in pushing rap music back towards the dark side with his haunting, addictive tunes like “No Heart.” On the flip side, the Slaughter Gang front man did bring smiles to some peoples’ faces thanks to his interview with VladTV. The Q&A included 21 declaring the tattoo on his forehead was a knife, not a cross. And “Issa Knife” was born.

— (@6PAPl) July 27, 2016

People Party Over Kim K Exposing Taylor Swift’s “Lies” About Kanye

While Kanye West was on the losing end of his 2016 feud with Amber Rose, Yeezy and his wife Kim Kardashian picked up a win in their face-off with Taylor Swift. Kim K uploaded audio to Snapchat of Swift that seemed to show the Pop princess was lying about her disapproval of Kanye’s “Famous” track. KimYe’s followers then caused #KimExposedTaylorParty to trend on Twitter for hours.

Joe Budden Hits The Running Man During Run-In With Drake Stans

Stans can sometimes go to extremes to show support for their favorite artist. That was the case when a few Drake devotees drove up to the house of Champagne Papi’s tormentor Joe Budden. However, it was Budden’s response to the interaction that became a prime mark for digital disses. The podcast host took the jokes in stride and even promoted merch with images from the run-in.

Bow Wow Embraces His “Transracial” Identity?

Shad “Bow Wow” Moss is a favorite target for trolling by social media users. The former child star faced a torrent of heat after Bow said he didn’t feel obligated to vote because he’s mixed race. No, most people did not understand Shad’s non-voting explanation and a lot of skeptics did not accept his claims of being ~~transracial~~ multiracial. The meme makers did have a field day though.

Arthur Gets A Hip Hop Makeover

Kermit the Frog was by far the breakout meme star of 2016, but another kid’s TV show character had a nice run too. Across the net, Arthur Read and his friends from Arthur were quoted rapping, singing, and ranting famous lines from Hip Hop’s hit makers.

Chance The Rapper Gets Emcees Everywhere To Take The #SoGoneChallenge

Many aspiring wordsmiths were ready to put their talents on display. So when Chance The Rapper helped launch the #SoGoneChallenge, countless rhymers – including celebs – uploaded videos of themselves rapping over Monica’s 2003 hit “So Gone.” The R&B singer eventually shared her own version of the challenge featuring a guest appearance by Missy Elliott.

Damian Lillard smoked this!! #Sofargonechallenge
— Young King. (@bsmoove) August 13, 2016

Young Thug Rocks “Antebellum/Asian Chic” For Jeffery Cover

A good number of people may not know that Young Thug’s Jeffery mixtape was well received by music critics. A much larger number of people are probably well aware of the project’s artwork. The image of Thugger in a ruffled dress flew across the web, and photoshoppers made sure the pic lived on even longer.

Rae Sremmurd Provides The Soundtrack For The #MannequinChallenge

The ~~day~~ ~~week~~ month the Earth stood still. A creative online challenge – initiated by a group of Florida students – completely took over the planet. Sports teams, musicians, politicians, and what seemed like every person with a WiFi connection found time to freeze to the sounds of Rae Sremmurd’s #1 hit “Black Beatles.”

Yung Joc Gets His Hair Laid… And Loves It

When starring on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta isn’t enough to get the attention you want, what can you do next? Yung Joc’s effective publicity stunt was to get his hair permed and post a pic on the Gram. The “It’s Goin’ Down” performer then quickly saw the unkind wrath of the internet. Joc later claimed he was the one that created some of the memes, but everybody wasn’t buying it.

Conceited, The Battle Rapper That Became A Living Emoji

Battle rap has survived as a popular below-the-radar culture which has yet to cross over into the mainstream. However, this year saw one battler become a widely recognizable face, but it had nothing to do with his bars. Wild ‘n Out star Conceited’s facial reaction became the perfect response for tweeters wanting to express: “That’s a goddamn lie!”

Me: “I just took like 20 selfies, atleast one of them has to be cute”
Camera roll:
— Angela Davis (@Nija315) October 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton Channels Death Row As A Staff, Record Label & As A Motherf-cking Crew

Hillary Clinton may have lost the election, but for at least a brief moment the former Secretary Of State won the internet. Twitter user @double_cupp_me noticed Hillary’s outfits in the presidential debates were very similar to clothes worn by one-time Death Row Records representatives Snoop Dogg, Suge Knight, and 2Pac. The tweet was retweeted over 100,000 times, and HRC was asked about her Death Row “inspirations” on The Breakfast Club.

The “New Kanye” Wants To Make America Great Again?

Mr. West once again found himself in the cross hairs of web users. This time the collective internet clowned a newly blonde-haired Ye for holding a photo-op with President-Elect Donald Trump. The rapper who once said “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” proudly stood beside the man who was sued for discriminating against African-American tenants, wanted to execute the innocent Central Park Five, argued to reinstate the unconstitutional police practice Stop-And-Frisk, and promoted the false “birther” conspiracy theory in order to delegitimize the first black president Barack Obama.