Hip Hop Responds To Rob Kardashian Getting Played By Blac Chyna!


by ClassicOne Rumors.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I mean a blind man could see that Blac Chyna was out to play Rob Kardashian from the jump! Everyone could see this before, during, and after, everyone other than Rob that is!

I mean these days, it’s hard to tell what’s real or fake with any of these reality stars, and with anything Kardashianrelated. It’s really hard to tell what’s real, and what’s a Kris Jenner publicity stunt!

Anyway, for the millionth time, Rob Kardashian has fallen out with Blac Chyna, and he’s decided to put all of her business on Instagram! Can you say ON BLAST!!!

Rob has called Blac Chyna everything but a child of God, and he’s been blasting her for sleeping with another man, well actually several men in their bed.

Rob even went as far as to post naked photos of Chyna on the gram. He also says he paid $100k for Blac Chyna to get her body back “right” only for her to be f-cking off with other men.

It looks like everyone is over Blac Chyna and Rob’s antics, and a lot of folks in Hip Hop decided to let Rob know how much of a sucker he is.

Two in particular who chimed in were T.I. and Snoop Dogg!

T.I. questioned why Rob would put his business on social media, and he went on to call him all kinds of ducks. Snoop Dogg told Rob that he was a sucker and got licked by Blac Chyna. Snoop says he knew what he was getting into when he got with her, and Blac Chyna did exactly what she was supposed to do.

Well Rob decided to clap back at T.I. by confirming that he does indeed have threesomes with Tiny. According to Rob, Tip had a threesome with Blac Chyna and Tiny, and T.I. allegedly paid her to do it.

Lawd! Rob is looking like a complete sucker though, and folks are letting him have it. What are your thoughts?