How Actor Lance Gross Expanded His Creative Empire


Rashad Grove talks acting and rapping with Lance Gross, who expands his talents into photography.

By Rashad Grove

Without question, Lance Gross is one of the rising African American male actors on the scene. With a slew credits under his belt including Tyler Perry's House of Payne and OWN sitcom Tyler Perry's The Paynes, Meet the Browns, and Tyler Perry's Temptations: Confessions of a Marriage, Deuces, and a host of others. Most recently, he appeared as Maurice Jetter Fox's hit drama Star.A budding photographer, Gross has his very own series, I Turn My Camera On series. I recently caught up with Lance at the premiere of History of Memory at the Tribeca Film festival. We talked about his acting journey, new projects he’s working on, and his Top 5 favorite MC’s.

AllHipHop: How did you learn of the History of Memory Short film series?

Lance Gross: History of Memory is a touching look at how photographs can affect our lives. Reminds us of the importance of the stories and background captured in a moment. Being a photographer myself, it was the perfect reminder why carrying a camera is so important. The series will make you feel good and touch a soft spot in us all.

AllHipHop: Tell me about your first experience as an actor at Tribeca?

Lance Gross: My first experience at Tribeca Film Festival was an overwhelming one! My love for New York is big. I’ve always wanted to attend it as an actor! I wish I could have been there longer. My time there was amazing. I was full of gratefulness, excitement, nervous energy but above all it was a very inspiring experience as an actor. I’ll definitely be back again.

AllHipHop: Of all your work, Our Family Wedding is one of my favorites. How was it to work with Oscar winners Forest Whitaker, Regina King, and America Ferrera?

Working on Our Family Wedding being able to share to screen with Forrest Whitaker and Regina King has been one of my top experiences as an actor. They were so welcoming of me. Being legends in the game they were still humble and very down to earth. We built friendships that last to this day.

AllHipHop: What upcoming projects do you have coming out?

Lance Gross: As far upcoming projects, I have a show called TOO OLD TO DIE YOUNG coming starring myself and Miles Teller and Billy Baldwin. Written & Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. The series is set to premiere on Amazon Video on June 14, 2019

AllHipHop: Lastly, I gotta ask you this once. Who are your top 5 rappers?

Lance Gross: My top 5 rappers would be 2pac, Biggie, Jay Z, E40 & Drake. Don’t argue with me (laughs). Nas and Kendrick if you give me 2 more.

HP’s History of Memory is available through Cinedigm’s dedicated documentary channel Docudrama this summer.