How AllHipHop Co-Founder Chuck Creekmur Turned A Jail Scare Into Success – TedxTalk


by AHH Staff

(AllHipHop Features) Co-Founder of and CEO, Chuck Creekmur, was recently highlighted as a featured speaker at TedxDOVER on an inspiring topic of, “Why Planning Is Overrated?”.

Chuck Creekmur, one of the founders of, explains his numerous trials and tribulations and how a jail scare cause him to realize “Planning Is Overrated” in the journey of life.

Planning tends to be seen as a crucial attribute of success, but in many cases, can become a detriment and ineffective. Jigsaw outlines his situation and rise, as well as how just about nothing went according to the plan. Mentions include Jay Z, The A-Team, Mike Tyson, The Geto Boys, Smashing Pumpkins as well as the actual science to why over planning sucks.

Many people find themselves in transitory space where they struggle with where they are in life and where they want to be. Contrary to the hyperactivity of social media with influx of messages of perfect life planning, this discussion displays the importance of action behind great ambition. Chuck provides an introspective testimony on how when life “happens,” that the safest bet to have is on one’s self. This talk stresses the belief in one’s talent rather than over planning and doubting one’s own ability.

“It was great to be the closing speaker at the Delaware State University TedxDOVER Talk. I wanted to bring a dose of humor and reality to the audience and also share parts of myself that I have never publicly talked about. Most people believe that the work that I have done has sprung solely out of vision, entrepreneurship and careful planning when the drivers really were desperation, circumstance and pure passion. I thank the good folks at TedxDOVER and TED for asking me to take part of the hist

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Thank you @vegforlife! I guess I need to tell more people about the talk. Much love!


Great talk, @ChuckCreekmur! I agree that too much planning can lead to disappointment or surprise when things don't go exactly as planned. Your story is one that everyone should hear.