How College Students Can Use Hip-Hop to Inspire Creativity


Digging deep into the roots of music like hip-hop can help you to understand culture and history

Are you a music student who isn't quite getting into the swing of things when it comes to the rest of your schoolwork?

Do you find you learn a ton from film and even productions like the musical Hamilton, but you can’t quite get your brain moving when it comes to writing a simple essay?

If so, you’re not alone!

The truth is that there are many brilliant people in the world who have a high drive to create and innovate, yet when it comes to necessary schoolwork they didn’t do too well – Einstein, Drew Barrymore, Richard Branson and Oprah, are just a few examples!

But dropping out of college isn’t a good idea. What will help you feel better about your schoolwork is finding new ways to approach projects and essays in various classes, educating yourself in a way that matters to you, and connecting with people in meaningful ways.

If you’re a music student who is a fan of hip-hop and you're looking for new ways to excel in your other classes, read on for some helpful hints.

Learn More About Hip Hop

If you're already studying music or you're just interested in a specific genre like hip-hop, why not take a course in it to help expand your mind? There are plenty of classes that offer an excellent overview of the history and culture, and even incorporate other unique perspectives like a business – in fact, Georgetown University offers an entire course about Jay-Z!

Take a Sociological Perspective

If you have the choice in a type of project that you could do and you want to get creative, why not take a cue from Hamilton and use the opportunity to create something that’s both entertaining and educational (“edutainment”)?

Hip-hop covers so many topics and areas, including art, dance, urban studies, politics, sociology, and history. These professional essay writers who are also hip-hop fans can look to various elements of hip-hop culture for topic inspiration.

Think Outside the Classroom

When you’re starting a creative writing project, but you're experiencing a bit of a block, why not turn to your love of hip-hop music (or your preferred genre) to find something to write about? Check out the lyrics, do a bit of research on a given artist, or hit up a concert or club.

When you concentrate too hard on something – that's when you're likely to get stuck. But if you stay open to other ideas coming at you from different places – like a club, concert or even an in-depth conversation with another hip-hop fan – you’ll probably be surprised at what kind of ideas come up.

Play Music

Digging deep into the roots of music like hip-hop can help you to understand culture and history in a whole new light. When you connect with others about music, you share a common bond and learn. This is especially the case when you play music with others!

If you don’t think you’re a musician, think about rap, spoken word, electronic sampling, and creating simple beats on your laptop. You could even use these types of elements to make your next group project or presentation more engaging.

Even something as simple as listening to a favorite artist’s lyrics could spark some ideas for your next projects.


Hip-hop is a dynamic and diverse genre pushes boundaries and makes us think in ways that other types don't. It covers many relevant, critical issues and topics, which makes it excellent communication tool for college projects and even an exciting starting point for academic essays.

In its unique capacity to incorporate everything from art to politics, there’s plenty to talk about and share with others, especially when it comes to both cultural and artistic diversity and inclusion.

Why not pick a song, beat or artist you love and use it to make an emotional connection with your peers through a unique presentation or to write an essay on topics that honestly matter.There's so much to talk about and express in hip-hop culture, so if that's what excites you, let it inspire you in all facets of your life!