Hustla's Handbook

Artist: Mack 10Title: Hustla's HandbookRating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: James Johnson

Mack 10 has been one of the more fortunate artists in this generation of West Coast rappers. While many West Coast greats have faded away due to their inabilities to maintain with the changing times, Mack 10 has persevered with his craft. It’s nothing new that the left coast has developed a sound that can’t be matched anywhere else. Problem is, everything from that way has a tendency of sounding the same. Be that as it may, Mack 10 has managed not to fall victim to that issue, and he’s been able to maintain throughout his career.

Spanning well over ten years, Mack 10 has released a steady stream of banging albums and hits. His latest effort, Hustla’s Handbook, is no exception. The opener “Like This” pairs Mack 10 with go to Cali crooner Nate Dogg. Mack tickles his switches and whistles at the bitches on “Da Bizness”, while he and protégé Red Café get the ladies to pop their “heat” on “Pop”. Production throughout the album is on point, especially on tracks like “Don’t Hate Me”, courtesy of budding producer Neff-U. The hot beat, paired with Mack 10’s signature flow, and lyrics like “Chrome on everything, chrome on everybody, f*ck these niggas we reload on everybody / it’s Hoo-Bangin or nothing motherfucker / you wanna die, get crutches motherfucker.” “Don’t Hate Me” would easily have any and everybody movin’ in the club, not to mention bumpin in everybody’s systems throughout the hood. Other certified classics include ‘The Testimony”, “So Gangsta” and “Ride Out”, which features St. Louis rapper Chingy rapping probably one of his best verses of his short career.

As always, Mack 10 has put together a certified hood classic in “Hustla’s Handbook”. His talent is undeniable, and with work of this nature, he can easily last another 10 years in this rap game.