Illseed Video: Maino Cries Over Friend Shot By Cops

AllHipHop Staff

I’m going to be honest for a second.

I have never been a very big fan of Maino. I knew his reputation was in great street standing and I thought his rap skills were up to par. But there was something preventing me from giving him that nod.

That all changed after I saw footage of the rapper tearing up and emotional at the recent concert date in New York.

Being that I am in the business of rumors, I got word that Maino was worried about the NYPD for some unknown reason. Because of his thuggish reputation, I mistakenly thought he had gotten himself in some legal quandary and was looking at some jail time. Jokes on me…

Come to find out, his friend was shot in the back by the NYPD and may never walk again. I have no idea what transpired with Maino’s friend and the police officers, but the emotions that Maino showed gave him exponential depth as an artist. Moreover, I saw him as a person that is wrought with all the complexities that human men tend to suppress. 

Slapping Lil Cease and Young Berg is one way to show how much of a man you are, and then there is the compassion over a fallen friend.

Here is Maino fighting through tears and emotions to perform “All Of The Above” at the White House Night Club in Hampton Bays, Long Island on a Saturday in April.

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I hope his friend makes it out, because he's got a real comrade in Maino. As for the Brooklyn rapper...he's got a new fan.