Inborn Talent or Years of Training: Write a Music Hit in 10 Steps


To write a hit, you usually need to practice until you define all the skills necessary to let your innate gifts shine.

Many believe that what makes someone talented is a combination of inborn skills and hard work. If you want to write the next big music hit, you need to believe in yourself.

But what does it mean to be talented? When it comes to other skills like writing, it’s easier to understand the importance of hard work.

Searching for a free essay writer is always better than struggling to write by yourself when you don’t have any inclination or practice in this area.

Saying to someone “write an essay for me” or “sing me a song” is admitting that they have talent.

Even if you believe that talent is just a natural, innate gift, you know that most brilliant musicians and artists have years of practice behind them.

How to be talented when you are just starting out as a musician? In this essay, we will uncover the 10 steps to writing a great music hit that will unleash your creativity.

Inborn Talent vs Years of Training

To write an amazing music hit, you usually need to practice until you define all the skills necessary to let your innate gifts shine. Even without a natural creative predisposition, writing music is rewarding, which means that by practicing you are both being productive and enjoying the moment.

Get Inspiration From Professionals

If you’re a student, you are aware of the need to seek help when something overwhelms you, and you wish to learn about how to be talented from someone who knows what they’re doing.

Sometimes, there are inside tricks and tips that are only discovered after years of professional training, which you cannot have as a young beginner.

Instead of sabotaging yourself by hoping to do everything on your own, you can use the services of a specialist, whether it’s an essay writer, an athlete, or a music teacher. By finding a free essay writer to help you with a school assignment or a hip-hop artist to help you define your style, you gain a new level of confidence.

By finding a free essay writer to help you with a school assignment or a hip-hop artist to help you define your style, you gain a new level of confidence.

10 Steps to Writing a Music Hit

Besides answering what makes someone talented, it’s also important to determine if writing brings you joy. If, as a student, you found yourself thinking “I wish someone would write an essay for me” or “I don’t like to type my essay”, then maybe writing is not for you, and you should seek passionate writers to help you out.

On the other hand, if you think that writing music is what puts your best potential to use, follow these steps:

  1. Establish the main subject. When you decided to write a song, you were inspired by an image, an idea, or a feeling that you want to transmit through music. You should establish some key words regarding your message and decide what will be the subject of the song. How to be talented with nothing to express? Do you want to write about love, struggle, sadness, relationships, success?
  2. Find possible titles. Some prefer to think about the title at the end of the writing process, but establishing your title at the beginning can be very useful because the title establishes the tone and the feeling of the song. You can later expand on by creating new phrases connected to the words in the title.
  3. Create a list of questions. What questions does your song try to answer? What feelings does your title evoke? What led you to the decision to write about a certain subject? By writing these questions down, you clarify to yourself what the song should include.
  4. Choose your song structure. What does it mean to be talented if you cannot organize your talent? This is where structure comes into play. You can follow the typical verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus structure, but you can also add other elements such as intro, pre-chorus, or outro to build anticipation or to relieve the tension.
  5. Start writing each section. After establishing the structure, you can now expand each section. Write the corresponding lyrics for the chorus, intro, outro, and all other sections. Choose the most powerful lyrics for the chorus and keep them uncomplicated and easy to remember.
  6. Use powerful words. What makes someone talented in art and music is the ability to be highly expressive. By looking at the work of a professional writer and a free essay writer, you will notice how much they can pack in a simple phrase. Learn to use powerful words that convey rich emotional and mental states. Bland writing will doom your song.
  7. Find the melody. When your writing is done, you should have a good idea of the general mood of the song. Establish whether your song should sound mellow, poetic, or aggressive by reading your lyrics out loud. Keep reading them until you find a good natural rhythm.
  8. Add simple beats or chords for the verse and the chorus. Since the chorus gets repeated, it's best if this section sets the rhythm. Try simple chords or beats and play with them until you feel the harmony between the feeling of the lyrics and the music. Write them down.
  9. Create good transitions. Make sure that the transitions between verse and chorus are smooth. A good way to do that is to either raise or lower the verse melody. It's best if the chorus is in a higher note range as it should express more emotion. If you want to know what does it mean to be talented, the answer is being able to work with details such as these.
  10. Record the song. Start with an unplugged version and practice the vocal parts. You can then practice with the instrumental as well.

Sometimes what seems like talent is actually insight gained in years of practice. If you want to improve your skills and achieve greatness, a combination of inborn talent and hard work will bring you there.