Industry Co-Sign 3: The Difference

Artist: L.G. (Lord's Gift)Title: Industry Co-Sign 3: The DifferenceRating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Adam Thomas

What is a man to do when he has found himself in The Source as "Unsigned Hype," yet he still finds himself without a deal? L.G., aka Lord's Gift, a MC out of Flatbush, Brooklyn does the only thing that a real artist can do, drop more material and hope that the masses take it. The Industry Co-Sign 3: The Difference (Dreamz R Real) is his latest effort to make waves in the industry and the result is another solid mixtape that gives you a few gems for your MP3 players of choice.

What sabotages many rappers on mixtapes is simply trying to jump on the latest hot instrumental with the results usually hit or miss. It is usually the latter. L.G avoids this though, as he obviously put some thought into what he spits and enlisted tracks from the likes of David Banner, Omen and J Cardim. You hear the difference on tracks such as "…the Difference", where the savvy BK mic bully’s delivery matches well with the swelling instrumental. L.G. is at his best on "Love & Hate", which is blended well with a Chris Rock vocal sample his Bring the Pain comedy special, namely the "Blacks vs Ni**a's" routine. L.G. offers a glimpse into his life on "Hey Mister," featuring Kenny Dark, when he gets a bit personal and talks about his father, who suffered from a drug addiction, “You figured drugs were more important than raising your little man," and who unfortunately, "Couldn't handle responsibility, some say I look like you, that shit be killin me.”

Here is an artist, if given a chance will surprise you with his ability, and if given a listen, is bound to make a fan or two. L.G. displays a knack for picking beats well suited to his abilities, possess the gift of flow and always spits with conviction. Even with the occasional low points, such as the drab "Backwordz," Industry Co-Sign 3 is further evidence that some of the better rappers in the world don’t necessarily have a record deal, yet.